How to Tap the eCommerce audience on Facebook?

Prestashop FB Post Module

The popularity of social media is increasing every day. With the tremendous increase in the number of users approaching Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it has opened new doors of marketing for eCommerce sellers. According to a study conducted by Zephoria, there are around 1.5 billion active accounts on Facebook and they are likely to be doubled within next couple of years. So, if we take a look at these stats, we can easily realize that Facebook is one of the best-suited platforms for promoting your online store.

Most of the online sellers are already adapting to the concept of Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach the customers, boost your sales and make effective conversions. In order to make Facebook marketing feasible for Prestashop owners, Knowband has come up with Prestashop Facebook Store Module. The Facebook shop module is used to create an online store on Facebook and start making sales.

FB Store plugin

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a Prestashop eCommerce store owner then Facebook Store plugin might be the thing, you are missing on your store. Just use the Facebook store module and see the boost in your sales. Here are some of the ways by which this Facebook store module helps you tap your target audience on Facebook.

Product Visibility

The internet is a huge space with unlimited product choices. Customers who wish to make an online purchase has plenty of options. If you want them to purchase your products then you need to ensure that the products can be fetched with required information easily. With a very high number of active users on Facebook, it serves as the best platform to showcase your products. The rate of conversions highly depends upon the product and store visibility. Having a Facebook store is definitely one of the ways that can enable you to reach out to more customers and make higher sales.

Marketplace Insight

marketplace insight

The Facebook Store module helps you to provide your customers a glimpse of your actual web store. The Prestashop owner has the option to showcase any product they want on the Facebook shop. The Facebook store helps the visitors to view the products and services provided by the store without actually visiting it. The visitors also have an option of making purchase from the Facebook shop itself, making effective conversions.

Customizable Facebook Store

 Customizable FB Store

One of the immediate advantage of this Facebook store module is easy customization option. Most of the sellers want the theme layout of their store such that it is more engaging for the customers to relate. Sellers can select from a large number of fonts, color composition and product categorization. The Facebook shop module helps in making the store more engaging and customers can relate themselves to the products quite easily.

Improved sales

improved sales

The presence of a Facebook Store enables the web store owners with another platform to make sales. As, there is huge customer base for online store in Facebook, hence, there is always a chance that visitors might take a look at your products. The Facebook Shop allows the visitors with the product display from the actual web store. At the same time, if customers want to make purchase they can click on the Buy button and they will be redirected to the webs store. It helps in increasing the traffic of your web store and enhance the sales ultimately.

Reduced Marketing expenses

Reduced Marketing expenses

The presence of a Facebook Shop helps you in promoting your eCommerce store without actually promoting it. The marketing expenses that the store owners would have to pay, in order to promote their web store is considerably reduced. The Facebook Store allows the store owner to publicize the web store on the biggest social media platform, which helps in reducing the expenses store owner has to bear on marketing of the web store.


Facebook is one of the best place to grow your business. It helps you to interact with your customers on a personal basis too. The social media trend can boost your eCommerce, all you need is to keep yourself up with it.

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