5 Ways Facebook Album can Help you Stay Ahead


As the concept of Facebook marketing is increasing and the store owners want to grow their business. Hence, updating their product description with photo description will boost the product sales. According to a survey, “46% of customers would purchase a product after receiving visual aid from the seller”. Thus, this makes considerable matter for the seller to attach some kind of graphic or visual content of the product.

A study reveals that customers prefer the products with images over the product without the images. It helps the customer in making decision about the purchase of the product, eventually increasing the sales. Moreover, the various social media platforms is one of the place to enhance the visibility of your products and bring it in the notice of the prospective customers. As the customers now have an option to access the products via Facebook, therefore, attaching photo albums to the store may provide customers with a better insight of the products.

If you are a Prestashop site owner and want to grow your product popularity on Facebook, Knowband offers you an effortless way to do so. The Prestashop Facebook album Module is surely the thing which can give a better look to your store on Facebook and make sure you receive better traffic and improved sales on your products.

Let us discuss how this plugin can enhance your social marketing tactics.

Better coverage


The module enables the store owner to reach out to more people. As most of the online shoppers are active on Facebook, the module can help you promote your web store effortlessly. Photo albums can help you increase the popularity of your store’s FB page and in achieving a better customer base. At the same time, it makes sure that the products’ visibility is increased. The chances of conversions are better through graphical aid rather than tedious description and lengthy contents.

Easy approach

Easy Approch

The module enables the seller to automatically synchronize the product photos to the FB album. Thus, making sure that the product description is well received to the customers without putting any extra effort. It saves a lot of efforts and time of the seller. Moreover, when photos are attached to the store photo album, they are accessible by the customers. Thus, store owners start promoting their offerings on the social media platform with minimum effort and time.

More conversions

More Conversion

The attachment of photos improves the rate of conversions. More customers tend to buy a product where they can virtually feel the product and attaching a photo fulfills the purpose. There are around 27% more conversion rates with products that were provided with photos. Hence, one of the important factor for the store owner is fulfilled by attaching photos. The module enables the seller to attach as many photos as they want. Once the products is able to attract larger audience, the chances of conversions shall increase automatically.

Social sharing

Social Sharing

One of the best advantages of sharing the product image on social networking site is that it help in spreading the word-of-mouth. Most people who like your product can share it with their family and friends. A study reveals that more than 56% people tend to buy a product after someone else has liked and reviewed it. Thus, it helps growing more opportunities for the sellers. The social sharing feature makes it easier for the sellers to promote their products as most of the time customers do that for them.



The feature of adding photos make it quite interactive for the customers. The customers can now relate themselves better with the products, thus making it easier for seller to make sale. Moreover, you can now keep your audience engaged even at the platforms other than your website. The improved interface also open the concept of window shopping. It enhances the rate of sales of the store and ultimately resulting in increased number of conversions.


The market is growing at a tremendous rate. If the sellers need to keep up with the market than they need to keep on improvising their business techniques. Follow the latest social media trends to optimize the growth of their eCommerce store.

For more Information about Prestashop FB Album Module visit here:-

Module Link: https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-fb-album

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ3nvttNc18

User Manual Link: https://www.knowband.com/blog/user-manual/prestashop-fb-album-module/

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