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How to get and set a PrestaShop Facebook Addon on your website?

Social media comes up with a new buzz everyday. We cannot decline the fact social media has not only changed the way of connecting to our acquaintances, but has also revolutionized the way of communication between the users and websites. Keeping the social media marketing and all other uses of social media aside, here I am taking about the social login feature and the ways of implementing a social login using for PrestaShop Facebook addon on your website.

How Social login adds value to your website?

The immediate affect that you will notice on your website is the decrease in the cart abandonments. E-Commerce websites suffer a great loss from the cart abandonments that occur due to lengthy checkout processes on their stores. The length of the checkout process is increased exponentially when you ask the customers to register an account by filling the registration forms.

With the addition of PrestaShop Facebook addon on your store, you will be able to eliminate the account registration step and still you will capture the customer information from their Facebook account. Almost every online user have a Facebook account nowadays. So, it will not be a tough task for them to just click a Facebook login button and login directly to their user account.

How to get PrestaShop Facebook login for your store?

Knowband presents the social loginizer module using which you can set up Facebook and several other social login on your PrestaShop store. Here, we will discuss how you can utilize this module as a PrestaShop Facebook addon and how you can set it up on your website.

Step 1: Download a PrestaShop Facebook addon and install it like every other PrestaShop module on your site.

You can opt for any PrestaShop Facebook addon that you like. The interface for Facebook setup is almost similar in any PrestaShop Facebook addon. However, I am using the Knowband-social loginizer module here to explain as this module have several other social login options that can be set up. Its economical to use an all in one module.

Step 2: After installing the module, go to the configuration panel of the module by clicking on “Configure” from the modules listing page.


Step 3: Now, in next interface, enable the module if it is not enabled already and Click Save.


Step 4: The module consists of the settings tab for several social login options. But we are concerned with the Facebook login. So, in the left side, click on Facebook settings.


Step 5: After clicking on the Facebook Settings, you will see the following interface:


In this interface, first, enable the Facebook login by clicking on the toggle button. After that, you will need your Facebook App id and Facebook App Secret key. That’s it, your website is ready to receive social login via Facebook now.

How to get the Facebook App id and App Secret key?

To get the Facebook app id and App secret key you will need to follow these steps

1. Click on the link in the module configuration as shown in the screenshot below:


2. In the next page in my Apps section click on “Add a New App


3. Click on “Website” in the Add a New App interface


4. Enter your desired app name you want to give to your app. eg: Store name social login and then click on “Create new Facebook App ID” button


5. In Category section choose a category of your app, and click on “Create App ID


6. Click on Skip Quick Start


7. Click on the Website link


8. Fill up the form as explained in the image below;


App Domains: is correct is incorrect is incorrect

9. Under status and review tab, enable its live feature.


10. Now, in next screen, you will see our App ID and Secret Key. Copy both the details.


11. Paste the copied details in the respective fields in the module as shown in the image below:


So, in this way you can setup a PrestaShop Facebook addon on your PrestaShop website and start accepting the social login. This is one of the easiest approaches to start accepting social login on your eCommerce website. Hopefully, this detailed explanation will help you to set up PrestaShop Facebookaddonaddon on your website.

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