5 Effective Ways to Target Online Shoppers on Facebook

The recent statistical report shows that out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most widely connected website with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. It has given a chance to the online sellers to grow their market over this platform. Undoubtedly, this is one of an effortless platforms for the eCommerce store owners to target their customers. The growing popularity of Facebook is a positive sign for the online store owners to try out new strategies and ideas to attract customers.

All the sellers need to do is to use this opportunity wisely. Most of the time the seller fail to reach the customer not because their is anything wrong in their business structure and products, but due to lack of proper marketing approach. With the help of social media marketing, sellers can ensure that their offerings are well received by the customer. The eCommerce merchants can now increase their product’s visibility with the help of Facebook. Most people prefer to make a purchase after being able to connect themselves with the products. Facebook helps the seller to increase the interaction between their customers and the products by spreading the word-of-mouth.

Thus, the eCommerce store owners need to use different features on Facebook. Let us discuss some of the ways that might help the eCommerce sellers to boost their goodwill and increase their conversions.

1.  Facebook Store

Facebook Store

The FB Store is one of the most trending approaches to gain higher traffic and increase user engagement to the web store by providing them the option of shop through your Facebook page. Most customers tend to buy a product when it is presented in a better way. Hence, Facebook Store proves effective means to ensure customer engagement even when they are scribbling through their profile. Prestashop Facebook store is one of the addon that allows the sellers to can customize each and every aspect of his FB shop as per their need. The FB store has chance of better success as the numbers of visitors approaching the eCommerce store via FB store is way too more in comparison to regular customers.

2.  Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

One of the best method of promotion of eCommerce store is through Facebook ads. According to a survey, “Facebook ads are more likely to get response by 26% in comparison to the ads on any other platform”. Thus, promoting your eCommerce store through Facebook is one of the better approach to gain better traffic. Moreover, the feature of social sharing makes it more possible for the sellers to gain customers, once they send out an ad to the Facebook. It’s more like promoting a brand or product by spreading the much needed word-of-mouth.

3.  Facebook Video

Facebook Video

Most of the visitors in Facebook would love to give a look at the products which has an attached video description. A research shows that, “Products which were provided with video description were 4% more likely to be purchased in comparison to the products which were not”. This alluring fact makes the importance of videos evident. The merchants can even market their offerings by making videos viral on the social networking platform. The visitor count on Facebook is very large and the exposure to the product may have a positive impact on the purchase decision of the visitors. It ensures that the visitor is much likely to enter the web store and make a purchase. This helps in boosting the sales and making immediate conversions.

4.  Facebook Album

Facebook Album

The idea of promoting an online eCommerce store with the help of a Facebook album has been an age-long trend. The usage of photo album prior to providing a deep insight to the product also enables the customer to get a better look at the product. Most of the time, if a photo of a product is not attached with the product than customer might not get the proper description of the product and may leave the product. Therefore, providing image assistance with the product helps in proper promotion if the product and at the same time, encourages the customer to buy the product. Products with photos attached are more likely to be purchased than the ones without photos. With the help of Prestashop Facebook Album addon, the Prestashop seller can now post their album in minimum time.

5.  Facebook surveys


The increasing popularity of the Facebook is one of the market trends that is here to stay. The sellers can run their online survey asking visitors about their opinion any current products, offers or deals. If the response of the crowd is positive than the seller may include the suggestions in the stores. Facebook surveys are becoming more common as visitors of different interests and field take part in these surveys and often come up with suggestions that may boost the sales.


The trend of using Facebook as a source of selling products is becoming too common. One can’t simply ignore the power of Social media platform like Facebook in promoting their business, as it may lead to severe potential buyer losses. It is now just Facebook that is stealing the show. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networking sites are equally important when it comes to tapping the audience at these platforms. In order to do so, the sellers must follow the social media trends to optimize their growth.

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