What is Google AMP and how will it impact eCommerce Businesses?

Google’s AMP

The ever-changing market and consumer behavior have compelled the eCommerce store owners to stay on their toes. With the aim of easing out the pressure of the online business units, Google keeps on updating its policies and schemes from time-to-time. The quest to stand out in the competitive market will be easier if the eCommerce store owners stay abreast of Google’s update. Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the updates of Google that is expected to take the online market by storm

Google AMP project was launched in the year 2016 but was restricted to a few segments. However, the project now provides an option to the eCommerce companies to build their sites in the AMP format.

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMPGoogle AMP is an initiative by Google for publishers to make web pages load faster on mobile devices. With M-commerce in trend, AMP proves to be very beneficial to take mobile shopping to the next level.

Around 40 to 50% of the sites are abandoned because of the slow load time, especially in the handheld devices. Catering to this prominent problem of the mobile site owners, this project of Google makes the mobile pages load faster.

The remarkable load time is achieved in two ways. First of all the developers are required to create their pages in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by Google. There is a narrow set of web technology that is required to be used during the web page creation. This technology forbids most of the JavaScript which ultimately reduces the load time of the pages. Secondly, the web pages are served from Google’s server when the page is visited through Google Search.

Effect of AMP on eCommerce business

 Effect of AMP on eCommerce business

The whole purpose of Google AMP is to make the web pages load faster, ensure customer retention and boost conversions by simplifying the shopping experience of mobile users. There has been a major shift in online shopping from desktops to mobile devices. Even the famous eCommerce platform like Prestashop offers Prestashop Mobile App Builder modules to help the owners have their own shopping applications. Thus, a project that resolves the problem of slow mobile experience of the customers will definitely give an edge to the businesses.

Impact of Google AMP on online marketing

Having discussed the effect of the Accelerated Mobile Pages on eCommerce, it is inevitable to note that it will have a huge impact on online marketing. Listed below are some of the effects of the same. Take a look.

AMP-enabled web pages will rank higher in SERPs. As per a report shared by Google recently, 9 out of 10 online customers are more likely to shop if they find the mobile experience informative. This is the biggest reason the AMP-enabled article will prove a boon for online marketers. The AMP contents will rank higher in the SERP. Since the number of internet users who seek advice and tips on their mobile phones has increased in the recent past, the articles that are ranking in the first 3 positions of Google’s SERP will reap results for their respective stores.

AMP is open source

Google AMP allows people to incorporate the changes as per their needs. Hence, the marketers can now formulate their content with close reference to the consumer behavior of their niche audience. The contents will get more readers and so the traffic of the mobile sites will increase ultimately.

A boon for SEM

The paid ads with AMP-enabled pages will stand out from your competitors. Ads in AMP use Https and will be more engaging and innovative. Hence, it is likely to have a positive impact on both the organic and inorganic results.

Reduced load time

Loading time is the major factor leading to an increase in the bounce and exit rates. With Google AMP, the quick load speed will have the readers stay longer on your page, hence reducing the bounce rate. In addition to that, a low bounce rate helps to validate the search engines that whether your web page is in accordance with what the visitors are looking for. Along with a number of benefits, it has certain cons for online marketers as well. Some of them are listed below.

  • The AMP contents are currently simple articles. These web pages would not provide any subscription or a form-filling option to the users.
  • Even though ranking the pages on Google SERP will become easier, the budget invested in content marketing will definitely increase.
  • Adding to the troubles, Google will not accept the content in AMP cache unless the content is free of all the errors.

Final Say

While the mobile app can improve your business, Google AMP can take your business to new heights. Google AMP accelerates content marketing, and the Android app builders should gear up for the changes that the search engine is expected to see.

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