What we know about email marketing and what we don’t know

Email Marketing Tips and Facts

Email has been in the game for a very long time. It is a valuable resource for marketing of the product and services. Though it seems to be a very simple task to use emails as a marketing tool, there is actually lot more than what it looks on the surface. Despite all these, it is the most simple and most accessible marketing tool one can always have by his side.

Here, I am going to break into points discuss why email marketing is still the kind of digital marketing and what we need to know about emails.

1. Email is comparatively cheaper than other marketing tools-

Companies spend billions on print ads and internet advertising. However, when it comes to email marketing only a small proportion of their budget is specified for emails. It doesn’t mean that companies do not take emails seriously, it’s just email marketing is cheap and you do not have to reserve a huge budget for it.

“compared to other media, email messages are dirt cheap to send. With TV you are spending on ad agencies, creative studios, and cable channels. With print ads, you are helping to keep newspapers and magazines alive. Direct mail costs more than $600 per thousand pieces. With email, there are almost no costs at all. But its low cost only makes the argument stronger that email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising method available today”hbr.org

E-Commerce stores use emails to notify customers on various event, send offers and discounts, send account related data, send newsletters and abandoned cart serial reminders. For sending large volume of emails at a time, merchants implement features to integrate email marketing vendors such as MailChimp and Constant Contact on their stores, while some choose to just use these tool independently.

Using emails for sending serial reminder
Leveraging emails for sending abandoned cart reminders to the customers

You don’t have to believe my words for it. Just look at this joint study from shop.org and Forrester Research that says ” 85 percent of US retailers consider email as one of the most effective tools for customer acquisition”.

Email might have become the oldest online marketing tactic, but it still remains a vital one. It’s relatively easy to perform an email marketing campaign rather than spending fortunes on print and internet advertisements. Undoubtedly, email marketing cannot replace the print and internet advertising, but it is always something that is more easy and cheaper.

2. Email is a better tutor of Marketing skills-

If you do not have enough experience, you often rely on trial and errors to learn more. Marketing, for example, is a similar field which teaches you various lessons in every success and failure. With some of the means of marketing, you can never be sure whether the money you invested is paying off.

With modern email marketing, there is no need for trial and errors in most of the cases. You have tools backing your marketing campaign which can be used to forecast the trends and requirements. They can suggest the right time to send emails when there would be better chances for better open rates. You can also measure the click-through rates and see if the emails are doing their jobs.

For example, with tools for Abandoned cart reminders, you can send automatic emails with offers, coupons, and simple reminders to those customers who have abandoned your carts for any random reason. It is a handy way to recover lost sales due to shopping cart abandonment.

Email analytics to discover the performance of the campaign
Email analytics to discover the performance of the campaign

In email marketing, you can discover exactly which emails have been clicked, by whom, what links were clicked on, and what part of your message was working. Thus, providing a greater insight into your marketing campaign and teaching you lessons in very campaign.

3. Emails are the mainstream and used by everyone-

If you ask anyone in your market if they use email, they will say yes for sure. Social Media marketing is a widely popular environment, but it cannot be said that every potential customer in your domain in on a social media channel.

With everyone not on a social media channel, email becomes the mainstream. Nearly everyone in your domain is believed to have an email account.

Email Marketing Fact

Moreover, 91 % of the email users check their emails at least once daily. It makes clear that ROI from emails could be comparatively as greater than social media marketing which is more costly than email marketing.

4. Emails are more direct way for broadcasting to relevant population-

Social media allows multi-way conversations between many to many users. Most of the time a broadcast through social media ends up with a huge population of audiences who are not even directly relevant.

Email, whereas is a more direct conversation that usually connects relevant people and does not involve additional participants. It might be considered as a drawback of email that limits the audiences for your broadcast. However, considering your efficacy to collect relevant email list and data, it cannot be a limitation. If you have effective tools to collect email data for your marketing, you might see that it is better to connect with few those who will be interested in your business, instead of a huge number of audiences who doesn’t even know about your business.

5. Emails are the driver of online and in-store sales-

Email marketing is so popular not just because it is easy and cheap, but because it is effective and drives sales. A study by Nielsen says that:

“28 percent of online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails simply to stay informed. 27 percent of online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails to save money.” 

A similar stat can be seen in a data from Deloitte that say 65 percent of customers find email coupons important in online grocery shopping.

Reminder mail for left item in shopping cart
Online stores get a fair chance to attract customers through offers in emails

Email marketing is an effective way of reaching out to the customers and having a chance for bargaining with them. Even the biggest brands believe in email newsletters and reminders to attract customers towards their stores. So, email is everywhere and it cannot be ignored for sure.

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