KnowBand receives Superhero seller Badge

KnowBand receives the Superhero Seller Badge on the Official PrestaShop Platform

We are glad to announce that KnowBand has achieved yet another feat by grabbing the Superhero Seller badge on the PrestaShop addon store.

It is the result of extreme hard work and perseverance by our entire team at KnowBand, a special mention of our skilful Developers who put their day and night in making things work out the best. Not to forget our valued customers who have put their trust in us over the years and helped us receive this expertise ranking on the official PrestaShop platform.

What is Expertise Ranking on the PrestaShop platform?

PrestaShop expertise ranking help merchants pick the relevant modules as per their requirements.

A community of developers lists their products on the PrestaShop Marketplace and each developer is assigned a level of expertise based on Seniority, Average Rating, Positive ratings, and Support Quality.

The level of expertise(from low to high) are Conqueror, Captain and Superhero.

Let’s try to understand how the expertise level is decided on the official PrestaShop platform.

Conqueror: Seniority ≥ 3 months, Average ratings ≥ 2.5(out of 5), Positive Ratings ≥ 1 and Support Quality ≥ 75%

No badge is provided failing to match any of the mentioned criteria.

Captain: Seniority ≥ 6 months, Average ratings ≥ 3.5, Positive Ratings ≥ 3 and Support Quality ≥ 85%

Superhero: Seniority ≥ 12 months, Average ratings ≥ 4, Positive Ratings ≥ 5 and Support Quality ≥ 95%

With our continuous efforts in providing the best eCommerce solutions, we have been rewarded with the Superhero level expertise.

Why choose KnowBand?

KnowBand is among the leading names in the list of “Best eCommerce Service Providers.” We provide eCommerce development services for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2 and WooCommerce platform.

Over the years, we have helped merchants with our highest quality modules. Some of our best selling modules on the PrestaShop addon store are:

1. PrestaShop One Page Checkout

With over 5000 downloads, Our One Page Supercheckout makes to the top in the list of our top-selling modules, having 300+ 5-star ratings.

Have a look at what our customers say about this module.

One Page Checkout

Buy this addon from our KnowBand store.

2. PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace

This PrestaShop addon has 1000+ Downloads and 50+ 5-star ratings.

Note: KnowBand also made Multi-vendor Marketplace compatible with Mobile App Builder allowing you to convert online marketplace into Android & iOS app.

This addon is also compatible with PrestaShop Booking & Rental System addon to convert online booking marketplace into the mobile app.

Our customers say:

Multi vendor Marketplace

Buy this addon from our KnowBand store.

3. PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders

Abandoned Cart addon has 1000+ Downloads and 30+ 5-star ratings

Our customers say:

Abandoned Cart

Buy this addon from our KnowBand store.

4. PrestaShop Social Login

This PrestaShop addon has over 1000+ Downloads and 60+ 5-star ratings.

Our customers say:

Social login

Buy this addon from our KnowBand store.

5. PrestaShop Android and iOS Mobile App Builder

Within a 1-year span, our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder has received over 100+ downloads.

Note: Also compatible with PrestaShop Booking & Rental System.

Our customers say:

Mobile App Builder

Buy this addon from our KnowBand store.

Some of our other high rated PrestaShop modules are:

6. PrestaShop Return Manager

7. PrestaShop Store Locator and Pickup

8. PrestaShop Web Push Notifications

9. PrestaShop Spin and Win

10. PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages

Our recently launched modules:

11. PrestaShop Google Custom Search

12. PrestaShop Product Customizer

13. PrestaShop Booking and Rental System

14. PrestaShop Dynamic Pricing

15. PrestaShop Affiliate and Referral Program

If you want to make any customizations to any of the modules, you can contact our support team at

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