Google Page Experience Update: The Facts You Should Know!!


Ranking on the top of the Google Search page is the key to success for online businesses. For the same reason, search engine optimization is becoming one of the most important aspects of online businesses. Search Engine Optimisation is a technique that helps a website to rank on top of google search results. Not only SEO brings huge organic customer traffic to a website but also, improves brand recognization. Although SEO has been trusted and used for almost a decade, the craze started during the Covid Pandemic Period. The actual reason behind the same is that around 2021. In the mentioned period, the eCommerce industry touched its peak.

In May 2021, Google has introduced the latest Google Page Experience to set up some new SEO algorithm updates. This recent update will impact the SEO for any website by analyzing various factors. Such as the loading speed of a website, Mobile Friendliness, User experience, etc. Thus, in the following article, we are going to discuss all the factors that will impact your business if you are doing SEO for your online eCommerce shop.

Vitals Considered Under Google’s Page Experience Update:

Vitals Considered Under Google’s Page Experience Update

The recent page experience update will analyze an online website based on the below-mentioned aspects.


Hypertext Transfer Protocols Secure is considered one of the most secure encrypted communication protocols. Although almost every website uses HTTPS for security purposes. Yet, the websites that are not using HTTPS have a downgrade in SEO in comparison to the ones that are using.

Mobile Friendliness:

The second aspect that will impact a website’s rank after google’s recent update will be the mobile-friendliness of a website. Thus, if you are developing your eCommerce website, you should consider mobile-friendliness at the top of the list.  

Visual Stability:

In the Google Page Experience update, the other point that is going to affect the website SEO is the visual stability of a website. For example, while visiting websites, users should hover from one page to another page conveniently.  

Loading Performance:

Loading Performance

Now, the updated SEO algorithms are going to measure a website by the time of loading website pages. According to google’s page experience update, image optimization and loading speed are going to play major roles in the ranking on search engines.

Interstitial Guidelines:

The following point is going to cover the websites from the informational part. Instance, for meeting the criteria the website must not have unnecessary pop-ups. Also, the user should have a proper indicative interface to hover over and gather the required information. Although these guidelines are newly introduced in the Google Page experience update, these are going to affect a website’s ranking effectively.

Why Google Page Experience Update is Going to Affect your eCommerce business?

Why Google Page Experience Update is Going to Affect your eCommerce business

The answer to the following question is quite simple. Page Experience update is going to impact the overall rankings of the small vendors as well as the mammoth brands. How?

The new algorithms are going to consider a website rank based on the above-mentioned factors. Thus, now the small vendors will not have to compete with the brands to secure their finest rank having the Google page experience vitals on board.

How to Make the Most Out of the Google Page Experience Update?

How to Make the Most Out of the Google Page Experience Update

Keeping yourself on top of the Google Search page is one of the most important parts that impact website traffic. Moreover, especially Search Engine Optimization is considered one of the most relevant methods for getting organic customer traffic and building a brand name for a business. Thus, if you want to boost your ranking on search engines, the Google Page Experience Vitals are going to play a major role. In case you have recently launched your online website, you can take advantage of ready-to-use eCommerce extensions offered by Google.

Moreover, for the mobile-friendliness of your website, you can also launch your Progressive Web Apps. With the help of Knowband PrestaShop PWA Addon.

In the End!

Being an online business owner is not easy. Along with all the other components it takes challenges to compete with the market. Thus, to stay in the game, it takes various strategies and new ideas. Search Engine Optimization is one of the finest ways to stay on top of search engines and make the most out of it.

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