Creative Ideas to Gain Customer Loyalty for Your eCommerce Business!!


Customer Loyalty Programs play an important role in the success of an online business. Not only does the loyalty program increase customer loyalty but also encourages customers to re-order. Even the major online business players such as Amazon and Walmart use customer loyalty programs. To engage their customers with the platforms. The loyalty program comes in various types. For example, as an eCommerce shop admin, you can provide your customers with referral and earn modules, gift card options, loyalty programs for every order, etc.

Thus, in the following article, we are going to have a glance at some of the most creative ideas that help an eCommerce business grow. But before discussing the ideas for customer loyalty programs, it is important to understand why customer loyalty is crucial for a business.

Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs!

Importance of Customer Loyalty Programs!

In the modern eCommerce era, customers give preference to the platforms that offer them something in return for purchases. Thus, it becomes quite important for a business to meet the customers’ needs. And provide them with rewards or something special like them.
Moreover, customer loyalty programs are not only beneficial for the customers but also, provide various advantages to businesses. Instance, if you are providing a loyalty points program to the customers. Then the chances of their return will become way more.
Thus, having attractive customer loyalty programs is not only important but also a modern need of the online shopping industry.

What are the Creative Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for a Business?

What are the Creative Customer Loyalty Program Ideas for a Business?

Referral and Earn

Amongst all the other customer loyalty programs referral and earn stands on top of the list. Because not only does the referral and earn program help businesses keep their customers engaged. But also helps businesses to identify new leads. For example, as an online PrestaShop business, you can provide discount codes to your customers in exchange for referring your products to other users. Moreover, you can also provide points for every referral the customers make. Later customers can use the same for getting discounts on their orders.

Check out the PrestaShop Referral and Earn Addon for instance.

Gamified Spin and Win Pop-Ups

Discounts and rewards are the favorite parts of the customers in the entire shopping experience. Yet, while presenting the coupon codes in front of the visitors it is important to pick the right time to show the discounts. Likewise, you can show off the coupon code on various places like the cart page, checkout page, and even on the home page. On the other hand, the other way of gifting coupon codes to customers is Spin and Win Gamified pop-ups. In the following option, as soon as the customer visits the website, a lucrative Spin and Win pop-up appears in front of them.

spin-win by Knowband
Furthermore, by entering their name, and email address, the customers can spin the wheel and win fat discounts.
Moreover, the PrestaShop spin and win module provides the admins with an option to choose the gravity for every outcome.
Thus, by using the Knowband PrestaShop spin and win addon. As a seller, you can not only provide a gamified pop-up on your shop front end. But also, you can get the customers’ email addresses and later can use the same for marketing.

Loyalty Points for Every Action:

From visiting a website for the first time to completing orders, there should always be reward points for all actions customers take. For example, reward points for signing up, completing the first order on the website, reward for leaving a positive review.


Rewarding the customers for various actions not only encourages them to engage with the eCommerce websites. But also, helps businesses to gain customer trust. For example, if you are a PrestaShop or OpenCart eCommerce store admin, you can also check out Knowband Loyalty Points Program Plugin. With the help of the Knowband, Loyalty Points module not only you can allow your customers to win points based on their activities. But also gets an option at the admin end for setting the value for every point.

In the End,

According to the reports, online business loses more than 70% of first-time customers after a certain period. Thus, as getting new customers to the website is important, turning first-time customers into regular ones is also important. Moreover, in case you are having suggestions and queries about the Loyalty Program Modules, you can always find us at

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