Tips to design beautiful eCommerce Mobile Apps!


E-commerce Mobile Apps and their growth:

Developing your own eCommerce mobile app has its own perks that too on a very high scale. We all are into online shopping nowadays. No one wants to struggle with going market, search products and then come back holding a bunch of bags. Instead, we all go for the online product purchase for our own comfort. Actually, the reason behind this is why to waste our energy when there is a better option to purchase products?

That’s exactly what modern shoppers think. Being an eCommerce merchant you can use this approach to improve the sales for your store. But, along with selling products online, what if there is another way which can get you far more benefits.

Yeah, that’s right! I am talking about eCommerce mobile apps. We all know that the mobile app industry has seen a huge growth in the past decade. Today, almost every major field needs mobile apps and so is the eCommerce industry. As per a marketing report, 85% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. This percentage is more than enough to boost the sales and conversion for your store.


So, if you are an online store owner and quite serious about increasing visibility and revenue of your store, you must consider the option of eCommerce mobile app for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify platforms. Further, let’s dig up in this article how can you design the perfect eCommerce app of your own?

Need for designing an eCommerce Mobile App:


As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Your eCommerce mobile app voice out your brand among the worldwide mobile audience. Crafting a beautiful and flawless mobile app will definitely portray your professionalism and lure mobile shoppers. So, apart from incorporating other technicalities in eCommerce mobile app development, designing also holds a major spot which shouldn’t be ignored in any case.

Although it seems like all the shopping apps are a look alike, but trust me they aren’t. There are many such factors which if used properly would provide an impressive app to the front end shoppers.

Considerable factors for eCommerce Mobile App Design:


Here are a few major aspects to be kept in mind while designing an eCommerce mobile app of your own:

1. Clutter-free User Interface

The user interface is the soul of a mobile app. While designing the app UI you should keep a check on the screen-size support and effectiveness of the design. These two factors are responsible for making the app interface interactive and responsive.

You must make sure that your app doesn’t get affected by multiple screen sizes of various devices. As far as screen sizes are concerned, either manage the content on the app or create the one which supports multiple screen sizes.

Also, your app interface should be crafted as such it doesn’t create an issue for the user’s while creating an order. Many apps have loads of attributes which makes it tough for the users to select the right product and place the order. Thus, your well designed mobile apps could easily relight the user experience of your store.

2. Home Screen Personalization

The home screen of your app is the first thing which an online shopper experience on entering the app. Try to keep it simple and clutter-free along with highlighting the top products. There must be a proper search functionality on the home screen for the new visitors.

Your eCommerce mobile app should also have the functionality to offer flash sale or time-based sale on the home screen. So, try to optimize the app screen as per various events and occasions without making it messy.

3. Simple Sign-up and Checkout Screen

Users never prefer a multi-page sign-up or login option in the shopping apps. Instead of testing their patience the better approach is to offer them an easy and quick login process. Social media login(Google and Facebook) along with OTP and Fingerprint authentication are few such sign-up options which let the users access the app in a few taps.

Same goes for the checkout page, it shouldn’t be lengthy and multi-screen at all. Your app checkout screen should be that easy to use which compel the users to submit the order. So, once you have thought of developing an eCommerce mobile app you must be sure about keeping both these screens seamless.

4. Better Product Visuals

All the products must be displayed in a nice and effective manner. The product image quality must be up to mark and always have a prominent ‘Add To Cart’ button. You can also decide the navigation of this button by either redirecting users to the shopping cart screen or keep them on the product page for additional browsing.

The product images should load instantly even in an average broadband network. Often it happens that the users leave the app because images take time to load and they lose their patience.


5. Rich Color Schemes

Your app color choice says it all. Try to choose the color which suits your business. While choosing the right colors make sure it doesn’t affect the product visibility at all. Don’t forget that your prime requirement is to highlight the products on the app.

Moreover, you must not opt for very vibrant colors in the apps and try to maintain the right contrast between the theme and background color of your app.

6. Thumb-Friendly Zone

Your mobile app users could be both left and right-handed. Incorporating a thumb-friendly zone on the app screen wouldn’t harm anyone. Instead, it eases the app usability for both sorts of users.

Your eCommerce mobile apps should use this feature in such a way that all the important tasks related to product purchase must lie in this zone. It also helps in enhancing the conversion rate of your store.

7. Proper Filters and Sorts

Product filters are very important for an eCommerce shopping app as they help the users to find the right product from the huge catalog. The filter options in the app should be both broad and specific based on price, size etc. Product sorting is also an important factor which enhances the shopping experience. Whenever any shopper wants to view the lowest price products on your app, he/she can easily opt for the low to high sort option.

8. Simplified Menu Bar

Keeping your menu bar simple and to the point would definitely impact the user’s purchase decision. The right categorization displayed under the menu section allows the users to get along with the complete product catalog easily.

Over to you

Till now, you must be aware that mobile apps are the inevitable need of your eCommerce business. Designing your app beautiful and user-oriented would definitely benefit your eCommerce business. So, it is better to analyze and choose such eCommerce mobile app solution for your online website which provides a tailored and effortless shopping experience to the users. Keep all the above-listed points in your mind while app designing and hopefully it would shine out as a star for your store.

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