Checkout Module for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonments and Better Conversions

Checkout Plugins for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonments and Better Conversions | knowband

Checkouts are an important part for every eCommerce store and has been the driving factor for conversion rates and product sales. If you can ensure an easy and seamless online shopping experience through your checkout process, you can effortlessly achieve big in terms of sales and conversion rates. For ensuring a faster and time engaging checkout experience, you can take the assistance of various checkout plugins from Knowband that can be the game changer for your business. Take a look at these plugins which are explained below:

1. PrestaShop One Page checkout-

When you have to provide an amazing checkout experience to your site visitors for better product sales and eCommerce conversions, you need to bank upon this wonderful PrestaShop One Page checkout module. It has transformed the multi page checkout functionality of your store to a single page checkout process. Some of the wonderful features of this checkout extension are as follows:

  • Easy customization facility to hide/show desired fields from your checkout process.
  • Presence of language translation feature for translating the module text into desired language through feature packed admin panel.
  • Provide functionality to choose default shipping and payment method for your online store.
  • Seamless integration of newsletter and voucher field on checkout page for better conversions and customer engagement.

2. PrestaShop One click Checkout-

Purchasing products on an eCommerce store is a simple process now with the presence of a single click checkout button. The “Buy Now” button available on the product page makes it possible to purchase product directly without the need to go at shopping cart page. Here are the amazing features of one of the wonderful PrestaShop checkout extensions built by Knowband store that are explained below.

  • Support seamless customization for better customer engagement and sales.
  • Comes with fully mobile responsive design for accessibility on multiple mobile based devices.
  • Compatible with all themes and third party module.
  • Can be translated in 17 different languages.

3. PrestaShop Checkout Page Analytics-

Getting detailed information about the checkout experience of your site visitors is an important component that can help in improving your customer engagement, product sales and conversion rates. Moreover, with the detailed analytics report of your checkout process, it is now much easier to reduce shopping cart abandonments on your online store. Let us take a look at some of its brilliant functionalities for the growth and expansion of your eCommerce store.

  • Helps in tracking customer behavior in a seamless manner for reducing abandoned carts and for improving the checkout experience.
  • Maintains record of customer email addresses for effective customer retargeting.
  • Ensures quicker recovery of abandoned carts by providing detailed information about checkout process.
  • Provide complete cart details along with customer email id for seamless cart recovery.

4. PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout Free version-

This free Prestashop module is one of the most valued checkout extensions that can redefine the online shopping experience for your targeted customers. There are no more multiple pages checkout form and the whole process has been replaced with a simple single page checkout experience. Some of the mind blowing features and functionalities offered by this module are:

  • Provides seamless customization facility for product management.
  • Supports multiple payment and shipping method for your store.
  • Adaptable to multiple mobile based devices due to the presence of fully responsive design.
  • Helps in reducing shopping cart abandonments along with significant improvement in product sales and eCommerce conversions.

Don’t under- estimate the potential of checkout extensions for the overall growth and progress of your online store. It is time to evolve your online shopping experience according to the changing business requirements and customer expectations for getting maximum business output.

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