How to get the best plugin out of various available Magento Abandoned Cart Extensions?


If you have been facing severe shopping cart abandonments on your online store, it is time for a little introspection to avoid the huge damage. Ignoring the problem would only lead to disappointment in terms of sales and conversions. The right approach for handling this crucial problem is to take the help of a feature packed Magento extensions for your Magento site. The module will help in removing the various issues that are contributing towards increasing shopping cart abandonments. It is a wonderful effort by Knowband that can help in bringing more traffic, sales and conversions for your online store.

The site owners can check out the various available Magento Abandoned Cart extensions to get the desired business results. In case, you are still in a dilemma about the adoption of right plugin for your Magento store, we would advise you to go for this Magento Abandoned Cart extension for the right beginning. Some of the features of this Knowband extension are as explained below:

Helps in targeting abandoned customers through email templates

The abandoned customers needs to be effectively retargeted for persuading them to make online purchase through your eCommerce site. With this Magenta module, you can utilize email marketing for conversions and can establish your place among other business rivals. Apart from this, these email templates can be customized as per your business requirements and for recovering maximum number of abandoned carts.

Offers exciting discount or offers with reminder emails

It is a bit tricky to get back customers on your online store once they have left the same due to one or the other reasons. This Magenta extension has made it much easier to incorporate amazing discount and deals into reminder emails for grabbing higher conversion on your store. It has been seen that engaging shopping deals can boost conversions and sales on an online store. Further, you can keep your customers engaged with the help of engaging shopping offers and deals that together makes it one of the best Magenta Abandoned Cart extension for any Magento store.

Provides abandoned cart details for effective tracking

We all know the fact that “An early bird catches the worm”, so it is important to have crucial information before hand to grab desired conversions and sales. This Magento module to track abandoned carts consists of various features like filter options, cart details, statistical data about abandoned carts and more for grabbing higher conversions for any online store. With the support of this bundle of information, it is now much easier to make your mark in a particular business segment.

Can be used with multiple devices and screen sizes

An online business receive customers from multiple devices and screen types which makes it important to make your website accessible to multiple platforms. One of the functionality that makes this Knowband extension as the best option among other Magento Abandoned Cart extensions is the multi platform capability. This Magento module has an interactive responsive web design that can take your website to numerous devices, screen sizes and OS type.

Don’t get accustomed to shopping cart abandonments on your site but take the right step at the earnest by selecting the right module among various Magento Abandoned Cart extensions. If you are still unable to take the right decision, do visit the Knowband store and take a look at this Magento Abandoned Cart Module to help you out in this critical task. A single step can ensure you immunity against rising shopping cart abandonments on your store.

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