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Forget Abandoned Carts on your Magento Store with the Help of Magento Abandoned Cart Alert Module

There is not any sure shot guarantee that every visiting customer on your site can actually get converted into a potential buyer. There are chances that he/she may leave a website due to multiple reasons. Some of these reasons can be slow loading website, complicated  checkout process, cluttered website design, difficult navigation movement, high product prices and other such factors that can make your customers look out for an alternative site. If you can’t control this trend, you can have serious consequences in terms of business growth and conversions.

Moreover, this scenario of abandoning a site can put a severe dent on the prestige and reputation of an eCommerce store. It can also hurt your chances of conversions and product sales due to increased instances of shopping cart abandonments. By taking a close account of the whole situation, Knowband has developed this Magento Abandoned Cart Alert Extension that can reduce abandoned carts on your site. It is a remarkable plugin that can make your customers remain engaged to your store for optimizing your conversions and sales. Here is a detailed account of the various features and functionalities of this Magento cart abandonment extension that has the potential to overturn your business fortunes among your rivals.

Easy mechanism to offer incentive to customers

Discount coupons, gift cards or voucher codes are the most effective medium that can persuade customers to make purchase through your Magento site. You can easily attach coupon codes, discount cards or gift cards with this Abandoned Cart Alerts for Magento module with your reminder emails for influencing the purchasing decision of your customers. This approach is an amazing way to keep your visitors engaged to your eCommerce store for getting mega sales and conversions.

Option to create customized email templates for your customers

“One shoe size does not fits all”, similarly you can’t involve with all your customers in a similar way. You need to use customized email templates for them in order to make them feel more valued by your business entity. Magento Abandoned Cart also helps in establishing an effective rapport with your customers as personalized email templates make them more loyal and engaged to your Magento site.

Effortless cart recovery with a single click

One of the most important factor that can contribute in lowering the shopping cart abandonments are the simplicity in cart recovery process. It is now possible to recover your abandoned cart quickly with all the cart details and items for a quick product purchase through a single click only. This wonderful characteristic makes it one of the most popular Magento Abandoned Cart extensions that comes with the most pocket friendly price as compared to other rival modules. Furthermore, this single click cart recovery has made the lives of store admin and customers much hassle free than before.

Provides information about abandoned carts of your customers on your site

If you are determined to reduce the abandoned carts on your site, it is imperative to keep a constant track on the abandoned carts of your customers. With the help of this Magento Abandoned Cart Alert module, it is now easier to track the abandoned carts of your customers for the seamless recovery of “forgotten” carts. Apart from this, it will also help you in getting a clear insight about the abusive customers that abandon a shopping cart too often.

Thus, it is the right time to grab your share of sales and conversions with the help of this remarkable Magento Abandoned Cart plugin that can help in recovering your abandoned carts without any problem. It can help in sending reminder emails to your abandoned customers regarding their pending orders for getting maximum sales and conversion rates. So, visit our Knowband store now and purchase this Magento extension for an unmatched business performance.

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