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5 Tips to avoid abandoned carts and win conversions through emails

Retaining customers is the biggest challenge for any business and it is not a child’s play anymore to grab higher conversions. Online shoppers have multiple options to choose from, which makes the customer retention process more complicated. They are in no mood to wait for few more extra seconds on a site and often leaves a site in the middle leading to shopping cart abandonments. One of the most effective strategies that can yield more conversions and sales to any store are the emails.
These emails are sent with the purpose of achieving more sales and customers on an eCommerce site. It is important to make them more engaging and powerful for achieving maximum site conversions. If you are unable to grab the customer attention through your targeted emails, it is time to try out these helpful tips.Personalization is a key element- It definitely makes sense to call your targeted customers by their first name or informing them about a specific event or occasion. Making your customer realize their self-importance is the best way to encourage them for completing any email action. This personalization can even work wonders in the case of reminder emails that are sent with the purpose of recovering lost sales. There are certain Abandoned cart plugins that allow site owners to give a personal touch to their reminder emails for grabbing maximum conversions and sales. So don’t forget to make your reminder emails more personalized and relevant to avoid shopping cart abandonments on your online store.Dynamic content can make your emails more important-dynamic-content-can-make-your-emails-more-important1Simple texts are boring and not helpful in any manner. To increase the USP of your emails, you need to include dynamic content like images, links, video or other such content. All these elements can help in grabbing the instant attention of your targeted customers towards your abandoned cart emails. The addition of an effective cart recovery link can be a great step in optimizing the sales of your eCommerce store. Apart from this, you can include any image, directive link or any other visual content in your emails for better customer engagement. Check out the screenshot of the email given below that makes use of dynamic content to persuade customers for purchasing the paid version of this Pingdom, a website speed optimization tool.

Send reminder emails at a regular interval of time- Reminder emails is not a one time process and it needs to be done at a regular instance of time for maximum business results. You need to employ an effective email marketing software such as Constant Contact, Aweber, Mail Chimp, and others that can help in sending reminder emails at a regular interval of time. There is no sure shot guarantee that your reminder emails will be opened and read for the first time only. It is important to send these reminder emails at a regular instance of time for reducing the chances of “being missed out” if the user is too busy at that moment.

Include exciting offers in your emails-


An important question arises in the mind that even if a reminder email is read, what are the chances of converting readers through it. The answer to this critical question is that you need to include exciting offers and deals in your reminder emails. This will help in tempting your readers to complete their pending shopping orders. This ability to grab the customer attention through exciting deals is best utilized in the reminder emails sent by HDFC bank to its customers as shown below. The email urges the customers to avail the displayed offer, which is both engaging and unique.

Convey the urgency to your customers-


You need to remember the fact that the recipient of your email is a busy person and is involved in a range of other activities. It will not be worth surprising if your reminder email is left out by your targeted customers due to their busy schedule. There are online stores who use terms like “last chance to grab”, “sales offers ending midnight”, “one last opportunity to get the desired products”, and other such phrases in their reminder emails to grab the immediate attention of the recipients. Take the case of this Mensuas site email that informs customers about exciting shopping offers and also conveys the deadline to avail this amazing offer simultaneously.

In the last

You are very well aware of the situation that the mail box of a user is flooded with numerous emails, which may or may not be useful for the recipient. It is just a matter of few seconds that can determine whether your email will be read by your targeted customer or will be sent in the spam or trash. If you are able to make the most out of your emails, you can surely help in recovering abandoned cart for your store. So, learn to keep visitors engaged with your emails for getting maximum conversions and sales.

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