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How to use an OpenCart Mailigen integrator to earn an email list?

E-mail marketing is an essential part of any business optimization strategy today. Whether you do it in a planned way or just some random emails to your potential customers, emails are used by a majority of the businesses to reach out the customers. Consider it a product update, new update, or just a greeting message, emails are used by the businesses to expose their offerings to the customers. As compared to any other marketing medium emails are the oldest among the active mediums and they intend to be there for a long time.

So, why not leverage this useful marketing tool for your eCommerce business on OpenCart platform too.

How can you leverage the email marketing for your OpenCart website?

What is Mailigen?

Mailigen is a very popular email marketing platform that supports a repository of huge email database to be stored and utilize the email list to send bulk emails to those email ids stored. It provides various options to organize the email campaigns and prepare the group of email ids that will receive the emails from your side from time to time. The automatic email scheduling in one such popular feature of Mailigen.

Mailigen and OpenCart

For most of the eCommerce platforms do not consist on inbuilt medium to manage email marketing campaigns. That is why business owners on platforms (like OpenCart) depend on email marketing agents (like Mailigen) to provide that medium. Now, that we know the basics of how Mailigen could be useful for your OpenCart store, let’s see how can you actually leverage this email marketing tool on your OpenCart store.

The OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension can be used to synchronize your store’s email database to your Mailigen account. Since you have a tool (Mailigen) that can easily organize the email campaigns for your marketing, you just need the email data of your customers whom you have to send the marketing emails. The best thing about OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension is it can capture the emails of your customers from the OpenCart store and sync them to your Mailigen account so that you can use them for your marketing campaign.

How OpenCart Mailigen integrator captures the email ids?

Every eCommerce website possesses certain forms that it uses to collect information of the customers on different occasions. These occasions could be the account registration form, Newsletter subscription form, or most important-the checkout form. In all these forms, customers have to enter their email ids in the respective email fields.

This is the time when the OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension comes in the picture. The OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension captures the email address as soon as the customer comes out from email id field in any of these forms. The captured email id with the help of this OpenCasrt Mailigen integrator extension is then synced with the Mailigen account. Thus, building a database of email ids from your own OpenCart store.

Benefits of using OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension

  • The OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension capture email ids of your customers from your own OpenCart store.
  • Since email ids are from your own website, they are more relevant to your business and have high chances of conversion.
  • You have to just update your Mailigen account and API details and you can start capturing the email ids with this OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension.
  • The OpenCart Mailigen integrator extension syncs the OpenCart store with your Mailigen account automatically.
  • You can enable or disable automatic capture anytime.

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