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Easy return manager for least abandoned carts and a boosted conversion rate

In the era of extreme eCommerce competitions, keeping the conversion rate at desired level is a cu-cumbersome task. It becomes more complex with the grown up rate of cart abandonment. Where everyone in B2B eCommerce market is looking for ways to curb the abandoned carts on their sites, optimizing conversion rates seem to be a mega task. For this reason, alone most of the site owners, keep the CRO campaigns aside and focus their whole approach on curbing cart abandonment’s.

What if there is a way which might not just minimize the abandon carts but might also boost the conversion rates at the same time? I am talking about, returns, refunds, replacements, and exchange management on your websites. With easy return management, you cannot just optimize your conversion rate, but can also create a great ambiance on your eCommerce website. An ambiance that allows your customers to shop without any tension on your website. Here, I am taking the example of a Magento 2 website to explain how an efficient Magento 2 return manager extension would help you to make online shopping a ball for your customers.

How would a website owner benefit from the Magento2 return manager extension?

With the easy return, more customers will be attracted to shop with you- In the era of huge competition from the similar eCommerce sites, if you secure even the slightest competitive advantage against your rivals, you will score fortunes with your conversions. What most of the eCommerce shoppers fear is the tricky return procedures of the eCommerce websites. By installing the Magento 2 return manager on your website, you can make sure that these tricky procedures are converted to the easiest ones.

  • Single product return: The return manager will allow customers to return the whole cart or even a single product from the cart. This feature of the return manager will make sure that customers do not have to return the whole bulk in order to return a single product. Thus, preventing a serious loss that could happen if your Magento 2 return manager could not handle single product return.
  • Every request is not a return request: Not every customer wish to return a product or to get a refund. Some might even want to replace or exchange a product. If your return manager extension treats every return request as a refund request, then it is a serious threat to your conversion rate as a whole.

For example, the Magento 2 return manager extension is capable of handling three types of return requests- Replace, Refund or Get Credit. For those who want to get a refund, for those who want to replace a product and for those who want to get a refund a buy something else from your site respectively.

  • Status tracking- When a customer places a return request, he/she wants to stay updated with the procedure. Customers want that should be able to track the status of the return request in the same way they tracked the product delivery status. This is one of the trickiest parts in any return management process. An effective return manager extension like the Magento2 return manager, allow the customers to track their return status very easily using a unique id provided at the time of return request.
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Easy returning process with Magento2 return manager


The importance of an efficient return manager extension on your eCommerce site cannot be ignored. Providing an easy return process to your customers is something that can play for you in the whole game of conversion acquisition. In order to get some serious advantages against your rival sites, you should not miss any such opportunity to optimize the shopping experience on your website. Handling the trickiest return situations with the help of a proper return manager extension is all you need.

It is a harsh truth that you have to provide a refund or return against some genuine return requests. So, why become so serious about that, who knows that an easy return experience on your website might encourage the shopper to shop with you the next time he/she decides to shop online. It’s a long run game and we need to stay open for every opportunity.

It is not just about a Magento 2 website, there are efficient return manager modules and extensions for PrestaShop, and Magento also. You just need to install the respective return manager extension as per your eCommerce platform and you are ready to manage the even the trickiest returns on your site.

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