How to acquire relevant email lists through PrestaShop MailChimp Integrator Addon?

How to acquire relevant email lists through PrestaShop MailChimp Integrator Addon | Knowband

For eCommerce store owners, emails have been an effective way to acquire customers. Various merchants take emails as a sufficient tool to reach out their potential customers very easily. Though it was a hype that email marketing has been dead for years, it remains an enormously valuable asset for small and start-up business owners.

Talking about eCommerce start-ups and small-scale businesses, PrestaShop is one of the most popular platforms among them. A large number of eCommerce start-ups, small and medium scale eCommerce businesses are already rocking their ways on PrestaShop platform. So, let’s take this opportunity to enlighten some tips that can be used to acquire relevant email list on a PrestaShop store.

Installing a PrestaShop MailChimp Integrator– The default installation of PrestaShop does not manage the email capturing functionalities. You can see the email ids and other details of the customers only if they successfully place an order on your store or if they are already registered on your PrestaShop site. So, the only way left to introduce an email capturing functionality is to install a PrestaShop module that uses email capturing agents to build a list of emails on your store.

In the same path, MailChimp is a well-known email marketing and email capturing agent that is used by the merchants across the online world. So, It would be a great idea to integrate a PrestaShop MailChimp integrator addon to perform this useful functionality.

Use the forms on your site to capture email data-The email data we collect from different sources and platforms might not always be useful. In most of the cases, they end up in the spam folder of the recipient. It is a sure case that they will end up in spam because the email data might not always be relevant to what you offer.

Newsletter subscription form


Contrasting to this, an email data collected right from the visitors on your site are more relevant and have higher chances of conversion. You can use your PrestaShop MailChimp integrator addon to capture the email ids from different forms on your website. An example of the forms that can be used are:

  • Account registration form
  • Guest checkout form
  • Address form
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Free downloads-form
  • Event registration form

Use the automatic email capture feature of PrestaShop MailChimp integrator addon– Any effective PrestaShop MailChimp integrator has a unique ability to capture and send the email ids to the MailChimp list as soon as a user enters his email id in the email field and blurs form there. By blurring we mean it syncs the customer’s E-mail Id automatically as soon as the user comes out of Email address field. Now that email fields are used in many types of forms on your site (listed above), you can use these forms wisely to build your own email data that consist of more relevant users. Capturing an email data from your own website makes sure that it is a relevant user who might be interested in a business with you.


There are various email capturing agents like MailChimp and Mailigen that can be used for your purpose. You will need to first have a subscription of these agents to use them on your site. Moving ahead with the agents, you will need a smart PrestaShop module that can perform the above-listed functions for you. Prestashop Mailigen and MailChimp Integrator module is a smart choice if you are looking for preparing a huge email list with so much of relevant email ids. Mailigen and MailChimp Integrator is a Prestashop module which permits administrator to subscribe clients to Mailigen and MailChimp lists. It consequently synchronizes the client’s E-mail Id to Mailigen and MailChimp accounts. It has a smart sync feature that captures and syncs the customer’s E-mail Id automatically as soon as he comes out of Email address field.

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