PrestaShop Age Verification addon- Make your PrestaShop website Age Restricted

PrestaShop Age Verification- Make your PrestaShop website Age Restricted | KnowBand

There are plenty of websites that sell products that are meant for adults or for a certain age group only. Such websites should ideally be accessible by adults and not by minors. Even the law in various countries does not permit the underage to access explicit content on the websites. It is, therefore, the duty of the website owners to make sure that their website follows the Age verification process.

Why is Age verification necessary?

Just because the new generation of kids is more tech-savvy at the younger ages, does not always mean that their brains are developing at the same rate as their digital awareness. Underage children can put themselves in harm and might become a victim of online harassment, solicitation and cyberbullying before they are ready to respond correctly.

According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) passed in 1998, every child and their personal information, under the age of 13 are protected by the law. Websites are not allowed to leverage their information or share them with anyone, not even the advertisers.

Today, it is the responsibility of the website owners to identify such population on their websites and take appropriate actions, and Prestashop Age Verification addon helps in doing so.

PrestaShop Age Verification addon

PrestaShop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms that is being used by many merchants across the world. It is very likely possible that some of the PrestaShop merchants deal with adult products such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. This is why we bring the Prestashop Age Verification addon so that you can restrict the minors from visiting your store. Prestashop Age verification addon confirms whether the users who have visited your site are above the specified age or not: age that you have set from the back-end to allow access to your store. When a user enters your website, a popup is displayed asking them to confirm their age.

Features of Prestashop Age verification

1. Knowband presents the PrestaShop Age Verification addon that is capable of restricting your PrestaShop website’s content to a certain age level. You do not need to hire a PrestaShop webmaster to do any customization. Just install the module on your store and after some configuration, your website is ready to serve as a responsible website.

2. You can set a minimum age for your store visitors in order to access your store.

3. You can customize the look and feel of the Age verification popup. Moreover, you can set a warning image that indicates that your store is not meant to be accessed by the minors. You can also display a message to the visitors as soon as they land on your website.

4. PrestaShop Age verification addon is easy to install and configure.

Benefits of using Prestashop Age Verification addon

1. Prestashop Age verification addon helps to prevent underage from accessing your website content.

2. Website visitors are prompted with an age verification popup. Only after they enter their date of birth and the age is confirmed to be appropriate, they are allowed to browse your website.

3. Your store is browsed by the right audience.

4. Implementing the PrestaShop Age verification addon on your store helps you comply with the laws made for protecting the under-aged population.

Final word

It is a social and legal responsibility of the website owners to make their website age-restricted if it contains the elements that should not be accessed by the underage population. It is not just about the adult explicit contents, but also about caring for the privacy and protection of children from cyber crimes and complying with the law. If your PrestaShop store deals with explicit content, do not forget to implement the PrestaShop Age verification addon on your store.

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