Why you need a one-page checkout extension for Magento?

Why you need a one-page checkout extension for Magento | MockingFIsh

Competition is the eCommerce market is never a new concept. Sites keep experimenting with their site elements to impress their customers and score better conversion than their rivals. Checkout module is one such element in any eCommerce site which decides the fate of conversion and revenue generation on the whole. Considering this, Magento is one of those eCommerce platforms which is most popular in eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s generic that Magento too has its own default checkout extension which handles the order processing on the websites effectively.

So, why custom checkout extensions for Magento then?

Question is why custom checkout extensions are so popular even for this highly popular platform? If Magento is so popular with for its efficiency, then why one goes for custom checkout extension for his eCommerce site?

For any eCommerce platform (let it be PrestaShop, OpenCart or Magento), the checkout pages are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a complete package. By complete package, we mean everything that is required for the eCommerce site to process an order successfully. Now let’s look at some reasons for why website owners choose to go for a custom checkout extension rather than sticking to the default checkout.

1. It would all be identical

Every eCommerce website developed on Magento would look exactly the same like any other Magento site. For delivering a unique user experience and providing a USP, entrepreneurs choose custom themes and templates. However, the checkout processes will still look the same like any other Magento site.

To differentiate checkout of one Magento site with another, custom checkout extensions play a great role. These Magento checkout extensions, provide the features to easily customize their look and feel so that no site possess an identical checkout process.

2. Multi-page checkout in default

The default checkout of Magento possesses a multiple page structure. The users are directed from pages to pages to complete a checkout process. I need not tell that how multi-page structure is often seen as a loophole in your conversions. Customers visiting your website for shopping would not like to keep moving from pages to pages. They just want to complete the checkout process ASAP.

Considering this, A Magento one page checkout extension helps website owners by providing a single page checkout structure. The compact structure makes sure that no unnecessary re-directions are given to the customers and the whole process is completed in a single step. The key USP of your sales strategy is your checkout process. Once the customers are on the checkout page, it takes few clicks to convert it into a sale. While some eCommerce sites involve the users so much in the process itself which deviates the users from being a potential customer to a shopping cart abandoned.

A one page Magneto checkout extension would look something like this and would make sure the conversion funnel is focused on completing the checkout process rather than getting too much involved and tangled:

Compacting a multi-page checkout to a one-page checkout structure in Magento

3. Extra clicks and extra steps would cost you conversions

Despite default checkout in Magento is undoubtedly efficient, one cannot afford to loose the customers just because of some extra clicks and steps required. If you do not use a compact or one-page checkout, there are certain chances on your Magento store that you might loose the customers because of extra clicks they have to do.

Let’s take an example of checkout queue in a supermarket. What do you do there? If you find a queue longer than expected, you start looking for the other queue which is comparatively shorter. Shame goes to a Magento checkout. If a customer finds your checkout process lengthy, he starts looking for an alternative and he gets that too. None, of the eCommerce sites, would waste the chance to steal your customers. If you cannot provide a suitable checkout experience, somebody else will.

4. Checkout speed is critical

In default checkout extension, the users are asked to fill so much of details that are not even required necessarily. For example, Fax number and telephone number need not be filled necessarily if mobile number is already provided. There many other fields in the default Magento checkout extension which can be omitted in the custom checkout extensions, and would still complete the process successfully. Making the checkout process as smooth as possible would make sure the conversion funnel filters all the potential customers as customers.


When a customer starts checkout process in a one-page checkout extension, nothing distracts him on the page. These checkout extensions are developed keeping in mind the conversion funnel and information requirement for the website admin. The concept is, a simple and hassle-free checkout process can provide you better conversions and competitive advantages against those sites which are still stuck with the generic checkout process. If you are looking for a such Magento checkout extension for your site, Knowband can help you with its one-page checkout-Magento extension.

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