Analyze these top 5 Magento Checkout Extensions for a seamless online checkout process for your Magento Site

An easy checkout process is both in the requirement list as well as on the wishlist of numerous Magento site owners for improving their conversion rates among their business rivals. If you want to boost your product sales and sales revenue for your e- commerce store, you need to provide a hassle free and simple checkout process to your targeted customers so as to encourage them to purchase through your e- commerce store. Customers often feel frustrated and disillusioned when they have to encounter multiple redirects, unnecessary checkout details, time consuming login process and other such problems during the checkout process and often leave the process in the middle thereby increasing the abandoned shopping carts. To limit the extent of damage done by these checkout process, here are the list of top 5 Magento checkout extensions that can simplify the lives of both the site owners as well as the online shoppers.

Magento Quick One Step Checkout

This Magento checkout module can drastically reduce the number of checkout steps from 6 to just 1 on the checkout page. This top class plugin can be easily installed and upgraded by the users without any trouble. Some of the features of this Magento checkout module are as follows.

  1.  Easy back end maintenance.
  2.  User friendly and simple configuration of the module.
  3.  Support for HTML/CSS validation.
  4.  Compatibility with multiple browsers.
  5.  Works perfectly with multiple stores and languages. – Easy customization through front end.

AM One Step Checkout

Let us check some of the brilliant features of these Magento module that has brought it among the 5 best checkout modules for Magento store owners.

  1.  Minimizes the checkout steps from 6 to only 1.
  2.  Can be configured easily through admin panel.
  3.  Provides default shipping and payment method.
  4.  Multiple customer registration options.
  5.  Seamless facility to make changes on checkout page.

Magento One Page Supercheckout

This wonderful plugin from Knowband has grabbed the fancy and imagination of every e- commerce store owners due to its multiple features. It has eliminated the several concerns of the merchant and buyers community by simplifying the complicating checkout process. Here are some of its wonderful features for the Magento site owners.

  1.  Quick and easy installation with a single click.
  2.  User friendly design for effective customer interaction.
  3.  Provides the complete checkout process in a simple one page form.
  4.  Multiple social media options for easy login during checkout process.
  5.  Allow site admin to make desired changes in their website through the admin panel of this module.
  6.  Facility to choose any layout design for the checkout page.
  7.  Supports multiple screen sizes due to responsive design.
  8.  Functionality to add any type of HTML content like images, text, logo, link anywhere on the checkout page.
  9.  Allow customers to check image preview of their product and make desired changes in their shopping carts.

Magesolution One Step Checkout

It is one of the best checkout module that has made great improvements in the checkout process of various business organizations of the world. Take a look at the various features that is provided by this Magento module.

  1.  Allows multiple languages for customer comfort.
  2.  Configurable options available in the admin backend.
  3.  User friendly checkout interface.
  4.  Facilitates inter changeability of checkout labels.
  5.  Customizable delivery and payment method options.
  6.  Newsletter subscription facility for store owners.

OnlineBiz One Step Checkout

This final checkout module for Magento store owners has shortened the 6 step checkout process to just 1 step. Here are some of the features of this Magento checkout module for a seamless online purchasing process.

  1.  Easy account creation facility for guest or new customers.
  2.  Effective back end management.
  3.  Open source module with support for various browsers.
  4.  Allows use in multiple stores and languages.
  5.  Seamless installation and upgradation.
  6.  Facility to show optional fields.

So, now Magento store owners don’t have to suffer frequent shopping cart abandonments and lower conversion rates as they can avail the wonderful services of any of these checkout extensions for their business organization. These brilliant Magento modules can help you in  utilizing the true potential of your e- commerce store and can change your business fortunes to a great extent.

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