PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) New features added in latest version

New Features Added to PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) Addon [Version 3.0.8 Released]

PrestaShop Return Manager (RMA) module by Knowband is known as one of the best PrestaShop addons which simplify and fastens the product return management on your eCommerce store and helps you improve customer experience. With the PrestaShop Return manager addon, you can provide easy order return features on your website and can add a return policy […]

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One-page Checkout for eCommerce Stores, Is It a One Stop Solution for All Your Issues?

Here at Knowband, we get questions from all our clients looking to boost their checkout conversion rate, if they should switch to a one-page checkout? Their aim with the question is simple; they want to get more check-out page conversions, fewer cart abandonment, and more sales. We respond by always saying this, “It depends”. It […]

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