Installing Magento Facebook Login & Adds value to your website

This extension designed at Knowband allows site visitors to sign up and log in to your site by using their Facebook account. Using this functionality of your site, users themselves will be saved from the stress of remembering username and password every time they visit your site to make a purchase.

Benefits of Installing Magento Facebook Loginizer

  • Increase subscription rates and user engagement by allowing more number of customers reach close to you with Facebook sign ups. The more customers register on your site, the more closer you get to conversions. In this case, the role of account registration gets undeniable.
  • Saves user time- Magento Facebook Login saves a lot of time of your customers from having to follow the hectic procedure of providing the same information repeatedly to sign-up every time.
  • Uninterrupted User Experience– With the implementation of Facebook Social Login, users will be able to share their experience of using a particular product or service, resulting in increased fan following and brand awareness for your business.
  • Effective Personalization– Facebook Login makes personalization more effective because website owners get access to user’s personal content available on social network, like location, personal interests, place of work, etc. Promotions targeted with such information can result in reduced cart abandonment rates and would further increase customer acquisition and repeat purchases.


As Ecommerce business continuously speeding up, marketers need to continuously update their websites with the latest functionalities and enabling social login is one of them. It is a huge step to increased conversions and user engagement on your site. So, if you want to implement the power of social login into your site, then try this extension as it acts as a conversion booster, as reported by many of our clients.

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