Top 3 Questions Online Retailers Ask Before Investing in Marketplaces

Marketplaces serve as a platform where one can organize product information, manage payments and reach loyal customers easily.

In this post, I have answered some of the top questions which every online retailer wants to get answered before growing their presence on marketplaces-

1.  How important is it for retailers to sell products on multiple marketplaces?

To begin the process, you must first select the type of marketplace you want to sell in. After doing so, you need to understand your customer demographics and their buying behavior. Selling on multiple marketplaces improves credibility and can draw more customers to your site leading to increased traffic.

2.  What are the common mistakes sellers make while selling on marketplaces?

Selling on online marketplace is not that simple as it sounds. It’s certainly very easy to get started but it does not mean it is that easy to attain success. Listed below are some of the mistakes sellers make which should be avoided-

  • Failing to understand terms and condition of website where you selling on- You need to follow all the rules related to product listing right from registering for account to update products quantity. These rules vary from one marketplace to another and if you want to succeed in marketplaces, you need to follow them wisely.
  • Providing incomplete product description- Product descriptions gives an identity to your products. A well written product description should be used which provides every detail to the customer. Use lesser words and try to be focused while writing product descriptions.
  • Pointing Marketplace buyers to your site- If you have an eCommerce website and you are trying to use marketplace to promote your business, remember you are committing a mistake. Marketplace detectors are very strong and they will track you in case you promote your website URL on these marketplaces. Everything is closely moderated, from product description to reviews and comments.

3.  What strategies one must adopt to boost sales on marketplaces?

In order to succeed in eCommerce marketplaces, you need to follow the guidelines for listing products strictly as mentioned above. This will not only help your products rank on search engines but also improve navigation. Similarly, if you provide product descriptions that are accurate, informative and detailed, you will be able to attract more customers for your products, leading to increased number of purchases.

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