6 Tips to decrease your shipping costs

Decrease your shipping costs with these 6 amazing tips | KnowBand

Shipping is the link which ensures the swift delivery of products from the warehouse of a company till the final end user or the customer. The safe and timely product delivery has become a major concern for both the online shoppers as well as the eCommerce store owners equally. If your eCommerce site is not capable of delivering the ordered products to its customers in an efficient manner, it is bound to affect the conversion rates to a great extent.

With the heated up competition in the eCommerce field, the shipping services are the only component that could effortlessly differentiate your company with that of the rivals. However, the escalated shipping costs have made the selection of shipping services a critical task. Here are the certain tips that can help in keeping the shipping costs under check for the growth of your eCommerce store.

1. Take the help of a USB digital postal shipping scale-

Take the help of a USB digital postal shipping scale | KnowBand
Take the help of digital shipping scale for optimizing store performance and sales.

If you want an improved shipping services for your eCommerce store, it is important to utilize a USB digital shipping scale for increased shipping efficiency and accuracy. These equipment are designed to optimize the parcel shipping services for better customer engagement and sales. The importance of an electronic scale is that it directly connects the industry shipping software to automatically generate the weight into the shipment.

2. Utilize the services of cloud-based shipping services-

utilize the services of cloud-based shipping services | KnowBand
Use cloud based shipping services for increasing the efficiency of your eCommerce store.

The online app has services limited to the comparison of shipping rates, printing of shipping labels, sending customer confirmations and tracking of shipments. While a cloud based shipping services provide the functionality of working from anywhere and at any instance of time. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your shipping services, you can also take the help of a third party eCommerce shipping extension to ensure the timely product delivery.

3. Don’t forget to purchase and print postage online-

Using a shipping app for the printing of postage stamps offers you better rates. You need not select a shipping service provider that only offers the best rates to bigger customers but is also equally helpful for small shippers. There are dedicated shipping extensions or one page checkout modules for Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart platforms that can provide information about all the shipping costs and shipping services at a single place for the better decision making process.

4. Establish your business accounts with your carriers-

Establish your business accounts with your carriers | KnowBand
Business accounts have an edge in terms of shipping services as compared to local accounts.

Once, you have decided about the shipping carriers to be used, it is important to set up the business accounts associated with those carriers. There are various shipping services that provide special discounts, expense tracking, online tracking tools for managing shipments and payments for effective product delivery. For situations where you have to ship more than ten products per week with a particular shipping carrier, use of business accounts would be an ideal choice.

5. Compare costs of your shipping services for higher revenue-

If you are one of the owners of the eCommerce store, it will be better for you to first compare the rate and delivery times of various shipping carriers. You can initiate this critical process by taking one order at a time or processing multiple orders in a bulk manner. Apart from this, you need to utilize a shipping app that can help in comparing the costs across various shipping carriers used by them.

6. Include automation in your shipping services-

Include automation in your shipping services | KnowBand
Automation in shipping services can improve the store performance and product sales.

E-Commerce stores that are catering to a large number of global customers want faster and automated shipping services for higher conversion rates. An automated shipping service will reduce the burden on your eCommerce store for optimizing the store performance and sales. The increased level of automation on your shipping services will help in making things faster in this competitive business environment.

In the end

Shipping costs are an important consideration while deciding the product pricing for any eCommerce store. The higher will be the shipping costs, lesser will be the customer engagement and product sales on your store. So, take all the required steps to reduce the shipping costs for an improved eCommerce business scenario.

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