One-page checkouts: A customer’s viewpoint

One-page checkouts: A customer’s viewpoint | KnowBand

One-page checkouts have become the trend since they entered the eCommerce market on a trial basis. They entered the web world as a variation to enhance the usability of the website and gathered the attention of the digital shopping world. There efficacy and efficiency is what that has made them a must add feature on your website. The analysis of customer behavior before and after the inception of one-page checkout has revealed that the feature is an effective tool against checkout abandonment. It has reduced the cart abandonment rate drastically and has acted as a tool for propelling conversions.

Customer’s viewpoint on one-page checkout

Magento one-page checkout extension is effective in nature.
Magento one-page checkout extension is effective in nature.

Now, we will take a look at what the customer feel about one-page checkout.

1. Ease of operation:

Most of the customers found it easy and smooth to operate through the one-page checkout process rather than indulging in a lengthy page-by-page checkout. This one thing has contributed significantly on the conversion front.

2. Smooth navigation:

Another thing which customers pointed out was the smooth navigational aspect of the one-page checkout. Most of the customer found it easy to navigate through the login, credentials and transaction parts due to the single page arrangement. The column based arrangement and clear description helped them in sailing through the process.

3. Ease of correction:

This is one thing which has helped the customer to cut the hassle of re-initiation of transaction again and again. Most of the time customer found themselves frustrated due to re-filling of information in case they make a petty mistake in filling details. One-page checkout makes this task easy by allowing you the freedom of correcting that specific mistake without refilling the correct ones.

4. Mobile friendly:

Since a lot of traffic is driven by mobiles and tablets these days catering to the needs of mobile audience is very important. A one-page checkout fits in this process and saves the mobile audience from non-compatibility of their device (sometimes) to multi-page long loading checkouts. Also, it is often found that most of the multi-page checkouts are not responsive in nature, thus, causing a jolt to conversions.

5. Frequent page re-loading was a burden:

In generic multi-page checkout structure, the checkout process used to break as soon as a customer decides to update something in the cart. The updates could be anything from adding a new product, removing a product from the cart to increasing or decreasing a product quantity. With the introduction of one page checkouts, the frequent page re-loading has been curbed by the use of Ajax coding. Now a customer can perform all these tasks without reloading a page each time. So, a major burden has been removed from the customers and it has curbed the customer frustration up to a major extent.

Final say

Considering the positive feedback of customers in regards to one-page checkout this is a must-have for every website, in order to, excel their conversions. Various online modules like Magento one-page checkout extension are available in the market that can enrich your website with the feature. Magento one-page checkout extension is suitable for Magento based website and you should look for an extension that is suitable for your website platform.

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