Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonments by Embracing Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon

Increasing shopping cart abandonments are certainly giving jitters to numerous e- commerce  organizations around the world. They are not only affecting product sales but are also affecting the global reputation of the business organizations. Online shoppers are leaving their shopping cart orders in the middle and are not making product purchase due to several reasons. Some of the most common reasons for this shopping cart abandonments are complex checkout process, insecure online payment method, appearance of the hidden charges during the final payment option and other such factors. But, this grave situation is going to change soon due to the emergence of this Prestashop Abandoned Cart plugin. Here are the few reasons that can explain why it is making so much noise in the e- commerce business segment.

Facility to use even without CRON configuration- The plugin is capable to send manual reminder emails to customers having abandoned shopping carts to inform them about their previous orders on your e- commerce site. It is very useful feature as there are numerous store admins that are not comfortable with CRON configuration to keep a track record of all the abandoned shopping cart information.

Helps in tracking both the usual logged in customers as well as the guest customers- The Prestashop Abandoned Cart module has a special feature through which email ids of the guest shoppers can be easily captured from the checkout page so as to send reminder emails to guest customers about their pending orders. So, the module is capable to handle guest shopping cart abandonments besides the regular logged in customers shopping cart abandonments.

Increased customization and personalization facility for reminder emails- With this plugin, store admins can easily target their abandoned shopping cart customers effectively by sending personalized reminder email messages in the native language of the customers. Further, selecting different email templates, using email translation feature, addition of dynamic content and other such email features can increase the effectiveness and readability of your reminder emails to a great extent.

Easy recovery of the abandoned shopping cart- Now, the customers can easily recover their abandoned shopping carts by clicking on a checkout button on reminder emails. Further, any available shopping coupon on the email will automatically be added to the checkout process for increasing the completion rate of the pending abandoned shopping cart orders.

Provides detailed information about the shopping cart abandonment rate- This Prestashop module provides detailed abandoned shopping cart information to store owners in the form of graphs and statistical data. By studying this information, business organizations can easily decide if their efforts are paying desired results or not and can make necessary changes in their business strategies to reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments.

This Prestashop Abandoned Cart plugin is definitely the true worth of its price and can reduce the shopping cart abadonments on your e- commerce store. So, order this great plugin from our e- commerce store now and improve your conversion rates to a great extent. You would not be disappointed with your purchase at all.

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