Top eCommerce shopping Apps trends to follow in 2017

Top eCommerce shopping Apps trends to follow in 2017

E-Commerce has grown up enormously in 2017 and so is the new trends and requirements. Each day you come across a new research, a new patent, a new feature, and a new trend that is engaging users from all corners.

Developing an App for your eCommerce store is a bit different from the stand alone apps. Here you don’t only need to provide the best user experience but also keep a sync with the website. It’s a tough job.

However, the new developments in the app development and eCommerce technology have made the task really easy. Now, getting a mobile app for your eCommerce website is not a headache but a smooth walk. In this article, I am going to enlist the top eCommerce Shopping apps trends that have made the business smooth, UX great, and ROI better likes never before.

360-degree product images

With 360-degree cameras and equipment becoming accessible day by day, eCommerce store owners are utilizing this technology to establish a cutting edge in their mobile apps and product listings. Mobile apps are coming with the support to show the 360-degree view of the products through the 3D images.

These images provide a well-covered display of the product from all the angles and let the customers experience something new and informative. With 360-degree images integrated with the mobile apps, customers get an effective demonstration of the product through a single image only. Thus ensuring a high level of engagement from the users.

E-Commerce shopping in Virtual or Augmented Reality

The technology of VR and AR has been in the trend this whole year till now and was in trend last year as well. So far, the implementation could be seen in the games like Pokemon Go. However, now the eCommerce players are also in the race to use this technology for providing a lavish shopping experience through the mobile apps.

Virtual or Augmented Reality

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The VR and AR technologies can provide a reality like experience allowing the users to view the products from all the angles, thus improving the sales presentation of the products.

Unfortunately, these technologies are not in their full fledge yet. Many researchers like Google, Sony, and Samsung are already working to make them accessible and applicable to the real world scenario. Moreover, till now there are only a few phones supporting these techs.

Hopefully, with the current pace of development, it can be said that eCommerce mobile apps will soon be found with VR and AR features. With the tech being accessible in the future it is also expected that more and more of your customers will have the devices supporting the VR and AR.

However, Lens-kart did apply a mild concept of AR in its mobile app. Here, the users just need to put their face in the virtually specified area on the screen through the front camera. Based on the virtual measurements the app can virtually show how the particular frame will look on them.

lenskart 3d try on

Chat While Shopping While shopping on an eCommerce mobile app, buying confusion is a common thing to come up. We often get confused with so many choices at the fingertips. If this confusion is cleared on time, the app receives a sale. While if not, this may result in a shopping cart abandonment.

To avoid such confusion situations, eCommerce mobile apps are expected to integrate the chat functions. Using this feature the shopper can contact his friends and ask for advice regarding which product to purchase. Sounds simple, but it can help the store owners a lot and can eliminate a significant reason of shopping cart abandonment.

With the growing pace of development, the chat function is expected to get common in all kinds of mobile apps soon.

Shop with your voice

Shop with your voice

One thing that users don’t like about mobile is typing on that tiny screen. Voice search has become quite an impressive source of convenience in this regard. With voice search on the apps, the users can navigate on your store and find their favorite products with really fewer efforts.

Shopping becomes so easy when customers can just talk with their mobile phones rather than typing things. This technology is already in boom and is expected to get integrated in all kind of eCommerce apps in the coming future.

You can experience the extensive voice search function in the PrestaShop Android mobile app builder as well. It’s an App builder service that is used to develop mobile apps for the PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart stores.

Mobile wallet integration

E-Commerce apps are becoming easier and simpler to use day by day. To ensure the best user experience for the customers, the apps try to make the checkout and payment process as quick as possible. With mobile wallets, the users don’t have to enter the card details or any other detail to make a payment.

Mobile wallets are the one step solutions to make the payment process really short. Users just need to select their wallet as the payment option and then provide the authentication when prompted, that’s it; payment was done.

In fact, in most of the native mobile wallets integrated into the mobile app, users don’t have to provide the authentication. Just a single click and payment is done. Amazon Pay is one such native payment option on the Amazon’s app that makes the checkout real quick.

All the eCommerce apps in 2017 and onward are greatly expected to integrate such wallet payment options. Of course, no eCommerce store owner wants to give their customers a lengthy payment form to complete the checkout.

Future of eCommerce apps is bright

Mobile commerce is the next big thing, and it is expected to grow rigorously in the upcoming future. eCommerce mobile apps are playing a pioneering role in giving the best user experience to the users. If you don’t have a mobile app for your eCommerce store, you are losing a great share of the business that mobile app can give. It’s a time for you get a mobile app for your store and start selling in style and convenience to your customers.

If you own a PrestaShop, Magento, or OpenCart based eCommerce store, it very easy for you to get a mobile app in really affordable investment. The Android mobile app builder will help you get the best eCommerce app in just a few steps. Check out:

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