One page checkout for eCommerce stores

One page checkout for eCommerce stores, Is it a one stop solution for all your issues?

Here at knowband, we get questions from all our clients looking to boost their checkout conversion rate, if they should switch to a one page checkout?

Their aim with the question is simple, they want to get more check out page conversions and sales. We respond by always saying this, “It depends”. It sometimes comes as a surprise to most customers to hear this reply. As we are selling a one page checkout Extension, and still not pitching a sale to them. Maybe they expect an answer like “Yes, it is the best. You should use our one page checkout”.

I wish it was this easy. We don’t pitch our solution with a blind fold, instead, we recommend them something that will help them understand if their issue can be solved by simply installing the one page checkout module. Let’s just take a pause and inspect into some pros and cons of one step checkout and then decide, whether a one page checkout is simply a one stop solution for all your issues?

The misunderstood part of one-page checkout

This is a common misconception among the eCommerce store owners that the one-page checkout is one medicine to all the check out related cart abandonment issues. It’s really understandable. Fewer the steps a customer has to go through easier it will be for him to complete the process and your checkout bounce backs will reduce.

However, that’s not always the exact case. The implementation of one-page checkout is definitely appealing, but it does not mean it will solve all your issues. Truth to be told, one page checkouts have their own set of problems that should be addressed to make them more organized and informed for the customers. Simply, a one page checkout can make your store, but can also break it with some negative impacts if you don’t know the correct way to implement it.

For the customers who inquire about our one page checkout, often time we come to hear that they read some article or attended some event where they told it is better. Most likely these customers did not pry into their existing multi-step checkout process and neglect the mistakes they are already doing with their checkout. So, even if they go for a one page checkout, they are more likely to repeat those mistakes, and then blame the one step checkout for the breakdown.

So, Which one should you consider? An honest reply would be both. A one page checkout can be really effective in right conditions and with proper implementation. You need to make sure that it addresses the common issues of a one page checkout and has handled them effectively. The right conditions can depend on the aspects like:

  • Customers
  • Price point
  • Brand
  • Products

For instance, if you are selling luxury items that already receive fewer sales due to the high price point, and you have a loyal base of old customers, then a multi page checkout is a better choice here. It will guide the users through the checkout process and will convert better.

On the other hand, if you sell non-expensive items where there are more sales and you are also offering free shipping options, then a one page checkout would be more effective here. It will be quick, give a faster way to review the products in the cart, show the free shipping option right away, and allow the shopper to make the payment straight on the same page.

These are just the example of two simple cases. However, the best way to know which option works best for you is to test, analyze, test, and iterate. A/B testing can be a really helpful where you can test both the types of checkout (i.e. one page checkout and multi step checkout) at the same time and see which one pleases your customers better.

Be cautious while testing, because here you need to test the best with the best. Testing a well optimized one page checkout with a cluttered and unorganized multi step checkout would not give you the correct results. So, always test and apple with another apple.

A simple recommendation would be to first optimize the current multi step checkout as far as possible. Once, you have a fully optimized the multi step checkout, then compare it with a well optimized one checkout by testing them. It will give a fair chance to your multi step checkout, or else, the one step checkout will always overshadow it.

One page checkouts still have some benefits by default

  • The one step checkout is quick since every thing is on a single page.
  • There are only a few steps for customers to complete in one step checkout page.
  • Well optimized checkouts provide the cart review option on the same page.
  • Shipping option selection is available on the same page in one page checkout module.
  • The one step checkout offers payment options on the same page.
  • Some advanced checkouts offer social login options as well.

Not all one-page checkouts are beneficial by default

Optimization is one such thing that differentiates a checkout with another checkout. Whether you are taking about a multi step checkout or a one page checkout, it has to be well optimized. You cannot solve all the checkout page issues by simply compacting the checkout on a single page, but you still need to optimize it for cart abandonment issues.

A true one page checkout developed to curb the checkout page abandonments must address the issues like these:

Length- The length of the checkout process does not merely depend on the number of pages, but the number of details a customer has to fill to complete it. Make sure your one step checkout does not ask the customers to fill the unnecessary and redundant details. For example, you can reduce the billing or shipping address form size by removing the unnecessary fields like fax number, any one from the phone or mobile number etc.

Billing address form

Cart review and update- What most of the one page checkout options miss is the option for the customers to review their cart and update the product quantity from the checkout page. However, there are advanced one page checkout solutions that do provide the cart review and update options. So make sure, your one step checkout does provide this feature.

Cart review and update page

Guest checkout: Guest checkout is an important feature. On both the checkouts(i.e. one step checkout or multi step checkout), if you miss providing guest checkout option, then it might be a problem. So, make sure whichever checkout option you choose, you should offer the guest checkout.

login options

Social login: Social login option is more of a competitive advantage than an optimization. If you are not asking your customers to necessarily create an account and offering guest checkout, it’s optimization. However, if you are allowing them to sign up or log in with their Facebook or Google Account, it’s a competitive advantage. Our  PrestaShop one page checkout offers social login through Facebook, Google and PayPal to help you gain the most out of your checkout process.

Social login options

Clutter free design: What that haunts most of the merchants while switching to one page checkout is the design issue. A one-page checkout in-housing the whole checkout process on a single page is more likely to look congested and cluttered. Therefore, you must ensure that your one step checkout page does not only fits with your theme design but should also have enough white-spaces to segregate each element and section. For example, it would not be a nice look if the shipping section overlaps the payment section or any other section of the page.

Clutter free design

We have tried our best

We have tried our best to optimize our one page checkout modules for Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop to the best possible way. We have included all the options that have been mentioned in the previous point. Moreover, we have also tried it to have the best possible clutter free design.

Check out how we eliminated all the one-page checkout specific issues in our checkout modules.

We don’t say a one page checkout is a one stop solution to all your checkout page issues. However, a well optimized one step checkout can always provide an upper hand. Optimize you multi step checkout to the best possible extent and then test it with our one page checkout, the results will ensure you have the best checkout, no matter it’s one page or multi page. Always chose the best according to the situation.

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