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Magento Mobile App | Success story of Darveys – Online Luxury Fashion Store

It’s past time to revamp your wardrobe of all things opulent and to indulge in designer fashion with ease and at reasonable prices. This article is a walkthrough example of a luxury brand that has created their mobile app using Magento Mobile App Builder and have been a part of many fashion lovers.

Get to Know the Luxury Fashion Store- The Darveys

Darveys brings a wide range of designer labels from around the world to your fingertips. The online shop is a must-visit destination for high-end clothes, designer handbags, boots, and accessories, among other things. Darveys online store features all of the designers that aren’t readily available in India.


Darveys is India’s one-stop-shop for luxury labels such as  Prada, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Diesel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Armani Jeans, Christian Dior,  Dolce Gabbana, Fendi, Furla, Emporio Armani, Tory Burch, Balmain, Balenciaga, DKNY and many more.

For creating a Mobile Application for this luxury fashion store, Darveys trusted Knowband’s Magento Mobile App Builder. The mobile app module helped this online discounted luxury retail venture to build a fully-functional application for their store available for both Android and iOs users. Darveys offers Luxurious Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing, Luxury bags, and Luxurious Accessory Brands for brand lovers.

-> You can visit the Darveys website to check out their exclusive range.

-> The one-of-a-kind online platform, Darveys has a Robust Mobile App with 10K+ downloads.

-> Explore the high-end luxurious brands on Darveys Mobile App:

  • Download Darveys Mobile App for Android OS
  • Download Darveys Mobile App for iOs OS

Darveys Mobile App Features that makes the app useful

The Darveys mobile application is fast loading and organized. It has a custom landing page and a perfect mobile product page with clear navigations.


The application has a category tab for users to find the products with ease. Every category has several sub-categories to make the search task easier.


They even run discounts on luxury brands, like Deal of the Day, Flash Sales, Season Sales, etc. Customers can change the layout of the product display according to their convenience.


For improvising the shopping experience, filter and sorting options are provided on the product page.


When a customer visits a product, sometimes they like to add that to their future shopping list, and for that, the app has a wish list option.


From the product page, the quantity can be updated for the cart. The CTAs are very well defined and any user can simply use the app. After adding a product to the cart, it will redirect the user to the shopping cart page. Now users can either proceed directly to the checkout page or they can continue shopping.



Checkout, Payment and Shipping methods in Magento Mobile App developed for Darveys

Checkout process and payment methods in mobile app module

Now let’s see how a user can do superfast checkout on the Darveys Mobile App. If a user is already registered with the Darveys, then he just has to provide an email address and password or he can log in using Facebook or Google+ on Darveys mobile app.


Also, the sign-up process or the registration process is simple and requires few simple steps to complete. To avoid the registration process, a new user can also sign-up using their social media accounts.


The checkout page of darveys mobile app created with Mobile App Builder has single page checkout design and can enhance the user experience the most. The customer will have to enter the shipping details first.

Shipping address mobile app module

After selecting the payment method (COD or Online Payment Method) their order will be placed.



This mobile app is a live example of Knowband’s Magento Mobile App Builder plugin that is exclusively designed and customized from the customer’s point of view and it helps your business to reach the zenith.

Knowband provides custom mobile app development services and website development services for various eCommerce platforms. We believe in quality and our eCommerce products are trusted by thousands of clients all across the globe.

For any eCommerce module, you can visit our store or you can reach out to us at via email.

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