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There has been a boom of communication mediums around the world but still emails are the most preferred and popular medium of business- to- business and business- to- consumer engagement for various business entities around the world. They are prompt in delivery, more economical when targeting a large number of users and are more reliable than any other customer engagement mediums. However, gathering email addresses from your customers has become one of the most challenging issues now a days as people are more concerned about their online privacy and security. Due to this, customers are often reluctant while sharing their personal details which causes a strong impact on the conversion rates and customer engagement process. If you want to be a champion in this field, you need to pay heed towards these crucial tips that can help in increasing the count of your email addresses for the growth of your business entity.

1. Ask email addresses of your customers in a logical way than a compulsive one-

There is multiple ways of saying a particular thing and it is your way of communication that actually matters in a business environment. You need to master the art of customer engagement in order to facilitate a seamless access of required details from clients like email address, contact information and other such crucial information. Make it a part of your website so that consumers can feel more connected and can share their personal information in a seamless manner.

2. Simplify your sign up process for effective customer engagement- 

Simplify your sign up process for effective customer engagement | Knowand

You need to remove the various bottlenecks that are hurting the seamless registration of customer on your site. Include only relevant and important fields that can’t be ignored during registration process for facilitating a seamless account registration. If you can make your “sign up” process more engaging and customer friendly, you will effortlessly achieve more customer engagement and user sign- ins. Apart from this, make your sign up process more compelling and persuasive for your site visitors. If you want, you can also utilize the various OpenCart extensions like OpenCart Social Loginizer, OpenCart Auto Subscribe, OpenCart Newsletter Integrator and such others for helping customers in this crucial sign up process.

3. Utilize the availability of existing email lists-

Utilize the availability of existing email lists | Knowband

If you have the access to existing bulk email addresses, you need to make effective use of them for achieving higher sales and conversion rates. It would be in the interest of your business if you can make use of email marketing softwares for higher customer engagement and eCommerce conversions. Some of these wonderful email marketing softwares are ConstantContact, MailChimp, Aweber and others that can help in seamless targeting of consumers through bulk email messages.

4. Decide the appropriate position and location of your “sign up” process-

In order to grab maximum customer attention and account registrations, it is important to place your “sign up” form at the appropriate position and location of your site. If user can find it comfortably, you can expect more account sign ups and can boost your business chances. With the help of our plugin development services company, we can provide you wonderful customization services through our eCommerce social extensions which are available for Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop store owners. These feature packed modules can provide freedom to decide the appropriate location and placement of your login options for higher customer engagement and sign ins.

By following all these crucial tips, it will not be difficult for you to achieve high customer registrations and have access to increased email addresses. If you have the email addresses of your site visitors, it will not be a herculean task for you to grab high eCommerce conversions and sales on your online store.

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