Affiliate and Referral Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store to Grow Brand Awareness and Acquire New Customers

Acquire New Customers with Referral and Affiliate Marketing Tool for PrestaShop Store

Big brands like Amazon offers an affiliate marketing program and people are earning thousands of dollars with referral and affiliate marketing. It is proven to be a good source of passive income these days. You might have heard terms like ‘refer and earn’ and came across the links on YouTube videos or blogs dominating a specific […]

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Prestashop Scratch Coupon (Email Subscription pop up) – User Manual

1. Introduction to Scratch Coupon/Email Subscription pop up Prestashop Scratch Coupon addon allows store owner to provide discount coupons to the visitors using an interactive scratch to win pop up(email subscription pop up) interface on the website front and analyze the customer’s need by tracking discount coupons. The customers receives the coupon codes via email. […]

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