A PrestaShop eBay integration – Making multi-channel trade seamless

PrestaShop eBay Integration

Long after the official partnership between eBay and PrestaShop, the multi-channel trade have become so easy for the business owners. This partnership made a way for various PrestaShop community developers to develop various eBay integration solutions helping store owners to seamlessly expand their market on an established platform like eBay. “Our partnership with PrestaShop corresponds perfectly with eBay’s development strategy in the main European countries. After France and Italy, we are delighted to continue working closely with the PrestaShop team to reach British and Spanish merchants together,” said François Coumau, managing director for continental Europe, eBay.

1. The PrestaShop eBay connection-

Today more than 270,000 websites are using PrestaShop platform, and this statistics is going to increase further in the coming time for sure. It would be redundant to say how big is eBay’s customer base. It’s undoubtedly a huge population of users who trust eBay for selling and purchasing online. This American multinational marketplace is enormously popular and used by millions of people out there.

The PrestaShop-eBay connection is a smooth way to allows users with an eBay seller account export their product catalog to eBay marketplace, making their products accessible to thousands of new customers. Thanks to Prestashop eBay integration that allows the online merchants to select which of their product categories they want to share on eBay. Not just this, they can also customize the product information, and fully manage the store inventory between both platforms with the help of this Prestashop eBay integration module.

2. The PrestaShop eBay integration module-

A PrestaShop eBay integration module is a solution that connects your PrestaShop store with eBay marketplace. Such eBay integration modules are recommended to all those PrestaShop store owners who are interested in selling on eBay but doesn’t want to manage the seller account separately.

The Prestashop eBay integration module by Knowband enables the store owners to add, remove, or update products directly from their PrestaShop site to the eBay marketplace. Further, they can also manage the orders and update the order details from the PrestaShop site itself with the help of this Prestashop eBay integration module. This solution helps in saving the time that would consume in controlling the seller panel on eBay and the PrestaShop separately.

With an aim to provide easy PrestaShop-eBay connection, PrestaShop community offers some seamless integration solutions. The PrestaShop eBay marketplace integration module is one such solution that goes beyond a simple connection. The Prestashop eBay integration module presents a comprehensive control over eBay product listing, shipping, management, Profile management and order management.

The easy to use interface and module configuration of Prestashop eBay integration module makes the task so easy even for a person with no technical skills. Just:

  • Set up an eBay Seller account and an eBay developer account
  • Get the eBay API details
  • Install the eBay Marketplace Integration module
  • Configure the Prestashop eBay integration module
  • Start exporting-importing to and from eBay and your PrestaShop store

3. Benefits of using a PrestaShop eBay integration module-

  • You do not need to manage the eBay account and your eCommerce store separately.
  • You have an option to showcase your products on an established marketplace.
  • You will have the capacity to showcase your products to an expanded population of customers.
  • Customers will purchase from eBay and you can deal with the orders from your PrestaShop store itself.
  • The Prestashop eBay integration module will save the time and effort required to manage both entities separately.
  • It Prestashop eBay integration module will generate more sales and conversions as compared to that on your store only.
  • Your Prestashop store will act as a centralized system that can manage everything on the store and the marketplace as well.
  • The Prestashop eBay integration module will automate all the tasks from listing products to syncing inventory and order management.
  • The Prestashop eBay integration module allows the admin to sync the inventory of products in bulk without updating any other product information (title, description, etc.).
  • Prestashop eBay integration allows the admin to send modified prices on eBay.
  • eBay Prestashop integration module allows admin to set a quantity buffer while listing products on eBay.

Finally, eBay is the most popular online auction and marketplace site in the world. With that in mind, your eCommerce business can grow up in parallel to this platform with a simple tie-up between the eCommerce sites and eBay marketplace. So, it’s time to bring more customers to your website by starting an export-import of products and orders through a PrestaShop-eBay integration.

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