7 email marketing software for small businesses

7 email marketing software for small businesses

Are you a start-up looking for affordable marketing tools?

Do you consider email marketing an effective marketing tool for your business?

You are on a right path. How? Though hundreds of new marketing tools and techniques have been invented till now, email – the oldest online marketing tool is still the king. How again? Read my post on What do you know about the email marketing? and you will know.

We know that email is comparatively cheaper than other marketing options available today. In the same sequence, email marketing software should also be affordable, right? In this article, I have compiled a list of 7 affordable email marketing software that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Constant is one of the most popular email marketing software providing its services across the globe. The easy to use interface and a 60-day free trial makes it a beginner friendly email marketing service and software.

With Constant Contact, you have the separate control to manage the Email lists and contact list. You can create multiple email lists for different campaigns. Moreover, it’s hard to ignore the simple yet conversion friendly pre-loaded email templates.

As a customer support service, you can avail the live chat support, email support, community forums and a large library of resources.

The constant contact API provides the developers with an option to develop various integration solutions for the different Content Management Systems and eCommerce platforms. We have used the same API in our OpenCart Auto Subscribe extension to capture and sync the email addresses from an OpenCart store to the Constant Contact email list. This plugin helps the OpenCart store owners to build a strong email data right from their own online store.

Constant contact Pricing details: You can avail the free trial period of 60-days without any credit required. Later you can choose to upgrade to the paid plans which start from $20/month.

2. AWeber


AWeber is quite popular in the affordable section of email marketing software. With its 30-day trial offer and flexible pricing, it is one of the most used email marketing services among the small and medium-sized businesses.

With the AWeber subscription, you get the access to an efficient email marketing tool that can manage your email list, provide pre-loaded email templates, track the emails, and set autoresponders.

The customer support is quite responsive and you have various other options to sort out your grievances. Options like live chat support, email support, regular webinars, and tutorials effectively enhance support quality.

AWeber Pricing details: It is available for free 30-days trial after which you can opt from various plans as per your requirement. The starting plan would cost just $19/month.

3. MailChimp


MailChimp in the most popular among the small to medium sized business because of its free lifetime offer and very low-cost starting plan. Another factor responsible for MailChimp’s grown up popularity would be the high affinity for integration to various platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and Shopify.

The PrestaShop MailChimp integrator module is one such example of a perfect integration to the PrestaShop platform. With this module, a PrestaShop store owner can configure the website forms to automatically capture and send the users’ email addresses to the MailChimp email list. It’s a useful email list builder.

The best features of MailChimp include:

  • Inbuilt email template creator
  • Merge tags
  • Automatic email responder
  • Email list segmenting into different groups
  • Segmenting based on time zones and geolocation
  • Custom delivery time – email scheduling

Moreover, the customer support is also one of the best with live chat, a huge library of resources, email support, and video tutorials etc.

MailChimp Pricing details: There is a free lifetime plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. The paid subscription starts from only $10/month.

The free lifetime usage makes MailChimp as the best-rated email marketing software in my list here.

4. Mailigen


Mailigen is a Professional email marketing software-as-a-service which also offers mobile and social media marketing in more than 100 countries worldwide.  With internal knowledge base, Mailigen claims itself a perfect tutor of email marketing for local markets and help them grow globally. Furthermore, it offers the Application Programming Interface (API) integration to help developers develop Mailigen integration solutions with different platforms.

We have used the same API in our PrestaShop Mailigen integrator module for email data collection. This is the same module that I have mentioned in the MailChimp section. The same module works for both MailChimp and Mailigen.

Mailigen does not only provide the best email marketing controls but also helps you to test your emails using A/B testing. Here you can select two different email subject lines or whole email designs and test them to see which one gets a better response.

The most interesting feature is the behavior based marketing automation. Here you can set email campaigns that are automatically triggered by particular action or event. For example, Mailigen can be triggered to send a welcome email message to new subscribers when they complete the sign-up process for newsletter subscription powered by Mailigen. You can also set emails to greet customers on special occasions like birthdays, or festivals.

Mailigen Pricing details: The email marketing service offers a free 30-days trial period, after that, you can opt for upgrading to the paid plans starting from $25/month.

5. Go Daddy Express Email Marketing

Go Daddy Express Email Marketing

Go Daddy is a well-known name as a domain name registrar and web-hosting service. Go Daddy went a step ahead and started providing the email marketing services to assist the businesses in reaching out to their customers. The email marketing service is officially termed as Go Daddy Express email marketing.

Go Daddy has an efficient dashboard where you can create coupons, event information, and newsletters to share with your subscribers. The email list segmentation is used to group the subscribers so that more precise targeting can be achieved for a particular email campaign.

The option to add social button in your email campaign encourage the recipients to easily share your messages, coupons and event notifications with others in their social circle. In this way, Go Daddy is also an effective social media marketing tool.

Another unique aspect of Go Daddy Express Email marketing is the inbuilt library of Stock Images. You can use these images in your email campaign without any tension of license and usage rights.

Go Daddy Express Pricing details: The beginner plan starts from $6.99/month and increases to $9.99/month when you are renewing the service.

6. iContact


The international email marketing service provider is very popular among the small, medium and well as the premier businesses. It’s a perfect blend of email marketing software and a social media marketing tool.

With the option for users to create, track and send HTML-based emails and social media messages, iContact is the leading service in the US. The company has almost 70, customers and over 1,000,000 users across the world.

You would find iContact among the few email marketing software who offer Salesforce integration as well as Google Analytics integration. Moreover, it provides the API for developing the iContact integration solutions with different platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento.

Our OpenCart newsletter integrator plugin uses this API to synchronize the collected email list with the iContact account. So that the website owner need not manually add every email address to his iContact email list. It’s all done automatically and quickly, thanks to iContact API for that.

With free 600+ responsive, customizable, and inbox-friendly email templates, you will never feel the scarcity of best email designs. The built-in email editor with drag and drop feature makes the customization and email creation quick and effective. You can also create your own email templates from scratch.

iContact Pricing details: Apart from free 30-days trial, you have the option to select from various premium packs. The lowest plan starts from $10/month.

7. ConvertKit


If you are a professional blogger, author, or a marketer, ConvertKit is a special email marketing software for you. I was impressed by its simplicity of use yet it is a very powerful tool.

With easy content upgrade options and incentives with email signup forms, it also encourages the users to sing up for the subscriptions. You will find all the email list and email marketing controls like contact segmentation, auto-responders, and email scheduling.

It can be a great tutor for email marketing with a huge library of resources and knowledge base. Keep using, keep learning.

ConvertKit Pricing details: The premium plan starts from $29/month with a 30-days refund policy.

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