Reasons why your E-commerce Business needs a mobile app


It would not be hyperbolic to say that the “Present human generation is driven by the smart phones and tablets” that have become an indispensable part of our day- to- day lives. It is not just a medium of communication but is now playing multiple roles of business promotion and shopping. Due to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are now doing online shopping through these devices. Due to this sudden change in the consumer purchasing behavior, mobile apps development have become the business necessity that has been driving conversions and sales around the world. If you don’t have a productive mobile app for your online store, you can lag behind your rivals. Here are the few reasons that can help you achieve a mind blowing mobile app for your eCommerce store.

1. They are loved by online shoppers-

Mobile phones are actively used by people all around the world. With their increased use, people are now using mobile phones to browse a particular eCommerce site and are interacting through mobile devices instead of desktops and laptops. Considering this changing consumer pattern, you need to have an amazing mobile apps that can help your mobile users to shop freely on your eCommerce store. Always remember the fact that consumers are browsing an eCommerce site with the basic intent of making a product purchase, so design your mobile app accordingly.

2. Mobile apps make payment process much easier-

Mobile apps make payment process much easier | knowband

Every online shopper is looking to make a quick product purchase but this experience is often hindered by the complicated and time consuming payment process. To simplify this crucial task, you need to design your mobile app in such a way that it can integrate the popular payment methods for a seamless checkout purpose. Your mobile app could remember the payment entries for a user and can help him/her for a faster checkout experience and conversion rates.

3. Mobile apps provide the facility of push notifications-

Mobile apps provide the facility of push notifications | knowband

With the help of mobile apps, store owners can provide a streamlined and personalized user experience for its Android or iPhone users. By integrating your push notifications with various eCommerce extensions, you can provide location based push notifications or alerts to your customers regarding various special offers. Through these push notifications, store owners can inform their customers about various events of their eCommerce stores for better customer engagement and product sales.

4. They offer a more controlled user experience to customers-

Due to the limited screen size and navigation capability, mobile app developers need to provide an amazing app that can optimize the shopping experience for various online shoppers. Based on the targeted mobile platforms, you can get your mobile apps designed in such a way that can provide a mind blowing user experience to your customers based on a particular mobile platform such as Android, iOS, RIM and such others.

5. Owners can utilize the built- in features of mobile phones for their business use-

Every basic mobile phone is equipped with various in- built features like location tracker, camera, microphone and such other components that can be utilized for improving the shopping experience of your mobile users. If your app can make best possible use of these features, you can be successful in grabbing maximum customer attention for better conversion rates and sales.

6. They help in improving your social presence and brand identity-

Mobile apps can do wonders for your social presence and reputation among your business rivals to boost your growth chances. You can utilize the plugin development services of companies like Knowband that can provide feature packed eCommerce extensions for integrating social media platforms with your app. Once, your customer can seamlessly access his/her social accounts through your app, social engagement and reputation of your eCommerce store will certainly thrive properly for optimum business results.

It is definitely the high time to design a mind blowing feature packed mobile app for your eCommerce store for achieving higher conversion rates and sales. If you are still not serious in this aspect, you will surely face the severe consequences of the changing business winds that can ruin your business fortunes. Always remember that “A small app can change the face of your entire business and can act as the growth engine” inspite of the cut throat competitive business environment.

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