PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Builder – User Manual

 1.0 Introduction

If you have a store running on PrestaShop and want to develop a mobile app (Android and iOS) dedicated for your store, then you are at the right place. Nautica PrestaShop mobile app builder will do this and fulfill all of your requirements in single app. Knowband’s Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder for Android/iOS enables you to present your eCommerce website in the mobile application environment.

We have ready made framework that lets you create and manage mobile app for your PrestaShop store. The design control of the eCommerce mobile apps rests in the hands of the store admin. They can customize the app and choose the theme to match the UI of their website. The mobile platform plays a vital role in engaging the convenience-craving customers. The eCommerce mobile apps created by Prestashop mobile app maker helps you get the much-needed user engagement.
We provide services for both Android and iOS. Please visit Knowband’s eCommerce mobile app builder.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder

1.1 Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder Features:

Here are some of the key features offered by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app:

  • Tablet and mobile-optimized interface
  • Multiple theme and font options
  • Real-time web store and app synchronization
  • Multi-lingual and RTL support
  • Multi-currency compatibility
  • All product type support
  • All payment type support
  • Compatible with all shipping methods
  • Quick Login Options (Facebook, Google, Fingerprint and OTP)
  • Unlimited push notification
  • Zopim and whatsapp chat support
  • Social sharing option
  • Wish list
  • All coupon type support
  • Simplified checkout
  • Voice search (For Android only)
  • Access to Web admin interface
  • Customizable Home Page Layout
  • Knowband’s Marketplace Module Compatibility

The updated version of Prestashop mobile app builder offer marketplace compatibility as well. The mobile app maker is compatible with the Prestashop marketplace extension of Knowband. If you are using our marketplace extension, then, you can upgrade your site into a thriving mobile app.

2.0 View demo of Knowband Store

Want to see the eCommerce app features? Then, we have integrated our demo store with the app where you explore the app and see all the features. Just follow the below instructions.

1. Download and install the Nautica Prestashop mobile app maker from Google play store. Search with “Nautica” keyword on Google play store.

2. Open the App and click on “View Demo” button as shown:

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app

3. You will see the home screen with the content of our demo store as shown:


2.1 View demo of your store

Still having confusion how your app will be look like with your store, then don’t worry, you can also see your store within the app at free of cost. Just follow the below the below instructions.

1. Download and install the Prestashop mobile app builder from Google play store. Search with “Nautica” keyword on Google play store.

2. Download Free Mobile app builder web module from and install on your store. For free app builder demo, download the free version of module. Kindly read this for how to install this free version on your PrestaShop store.

3. Enable the Prestashop mobile app maker plugin on your store.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app demo

4. Open the eCommerce mobile app and enter your store URL as shown below. This is how your store will be look like after purchasing the Prestashop mobile app creator module. If you want any change in design or functionality, then we will be happy to hear from you on

5. You will see the home screen with the content of your live store.

3.0 So what’s next?

We hope that you like the demo of our eCommerce Mobile app and found what you were looking for. So this is this is the time to get your paid version of Mobile app.  Just follow the below steps and your app will be ready in 3-4 working days. If you any suggestion or query, please contact us on

1. Download Paid Prestashop Mobile app builder module from and install on your store. To buy paid  to download the paid version of module.

2. Fill your App details in pre-requisites form like App name, your store URL etc. This will generate a request to our support team and we will get back to you with your app.

3.1 Module Installation

After purchasing Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module, you will get following files as listed below:

1. Compressed File in ZIP format (contains source code of the addon)

2. User Manual

Follow the following steps to install the Prestashop Android/iOS Mobile App Builder extension:

3.1.1 Using FTP

1.Unzip the compressed file. It would contain files and folders as shown below –


2. Copy all the files and folders of unzipped folder into your store “modules” directory on the path – Root Directory/modules/.

3. Now the Prestashop mobile app builder addon is ready to be installed on your store and you can find that in Store Admin -> Modules and Services. It would be shown as below –


4. Click on “Install” button to install the Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder. It would show a pop-up for your confirmation. Click on “Proceed with the installation” option. This step will install the app builder and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”.

3.1.2 Using Prestashop Admin

Step 1: Go to Module listing page and “Add New Module” button.


Step 2: Upload the downloaded zipped file.

Step 3: Once this is done, the module will be listed on the module listing page as shown in below screen:


Step 4: Click on install button. The Prestashop app creator will be installed in your PrestaShop store.

4.0 Front End Snapshots

4.1 Mobile App Screens

4.1.1 Splash

Splash screen is the first screen that will be shown to the user for 3 seconds when user opens the app for the first time. Below splash screen is of our demo app to explain how you can customize the design of the your app.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app splash screen1. Theme Color –

By default, 4 themes are in-built in the app, but if you want any custom color, you can also choose that by clicking on “+”

2. Choose Language –

Prestashop app creator natively supports 18 international languages. If you want any other language other than listed, then we will add it for you at free of cost.

3. Choose Font –

By default, eCommerce mobile app maker support 10+ font types and you can choose anyone from them. If you want any other font, then we will implement it for free of cost.

4. View Your Store –

You can also see your store by installing our free Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder module from Knowband.

5. View Demo –

By default, eCommerce mobile app creator is integrated with our demo store using which you can explore the app features and functionality.

4.2 Home

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app home screen1. Menu:

Menu will be visible to user on click of navigation bar at the top-left corner of home screen of the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app.

Menu provides the following options to users:

My Account:

Users can have access to their account where s/he can view their order history or update their account details.


Allow users to view categories in two levels User can select category from here and see the products on product listing screen of selected screen.

About Us:

Allows users can view store about us page.

Contact Us:
Allows users can view store contact us page.
Login/ Logout:

Allows user to login/ logout of their store account.

4.3 CategoryPrestashop eCommerce mobile app product category

Users will be navigated to category screen on selection of any category from menu on home screen.

Category section offers various functionalities:

1. Sort:

Users would be able to sort result based on price (low to High or High to Low).

2. Filter:

Allows users to apply multiple filtration of products based on their attributes.

3. Product Listing:

Category products are listed in grid view. More products are loaded when user scroll down in screen.


4. Sorting Filter:

eCommerce App Creator for Prestashop - Sorting Filter

User can search any product from your store by simply entering the search keyword and hit search icon.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app product search box
4.5 Product

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app product description page
1. Product option and description: 

Users can see all the information related to products like image, price, options, and description and so on in one single screen.

2. Add to Wish-list:

Users can add product to their wish-list by clicking on ‘Add to Wish-list’ button shown at the bottom of the screen.

3. Add to Cart:

Users will be able to add product to their shopping cart by simply clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ button shown at the bottom of the screen.

4. Product Sharing:

Users can also share the product link with their friends by clicking on share icon.

4.6 Wishlist

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app wish list page

eCommerce mobile app creator for Prestashop has built-in wishlist option.

The Wishlist screen allow users to view the product list added into their wish-list.

1. Product Listing: 

Users can see all the products added into their wish-list.

2. Add to Cart:

Users can add product to their shopping cart by simply clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ option. User will be redirected to Product screen where users can see the complete product details and choose product options.

3. Remove from Wish-list:

Users can also remove the product from wish-list by simply clicking on ‘Remove’ option.


4.7 Shopping Bag

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app shopping bag

Shopping bag or shopping cart screen of the eCommerce mobile app allow the users to view the product list added into their cart.
1. Product Listing: 

Users can see all the products added into their cart.

2. Update quantity:

Users can update quantity of any product by simply clicking on ‘Update Quantity’ option.

3. Remove from cart:

Users can also remove the product from cart by simply clicking on ‘Remove’ option.

4. Apply/voucher:

Users can also apply for any valid voucher to their shopping cart.

5. Gift wrapping:

Users can also choose Gift wrapping option with message option.

6. Total Cost Summary:

Provide the details of total cost of shopping cart.

7. Continue Shopping:

Users will be re-directed to Home screen to browse more products.

8. Continue to Checkout:

Users will be re-directed to checkout screen to complete their orders.

4.8 Checkout

Prestashop Mobile App Builder by Knowband - Shopping Bag

The eCommerce app maker for Android/iOS offers simplified checkout process.

The checkout screen allows user to view the checkout details that include shipping address, order summary, shipping methods and total cost summary.

1. Shipping Address:

Provides detail of shipping address selected by user.

  • Add/ Edit Shipping Address: Users can also add or update shipping address as per his/her requirement.

Note: Total cost will be estimated based on selected shipping address and method.

2. Billing Address:

Provides detail of billing address selected by user.

  • Add/ Edit billing address: Users can also add or update billing address as per his/her requirement.

3. Order Summary:

Provides detail of product(s) added to cart by user.

4. Shipping Methods:

Users will be validated to select any shipping method if exists for selected products on store.

5. Order Comment:

Users can also write order comment which can be seen on web admin of store.

6. Total Cart Summary:

Provide the details of total cost of shopping cart.

7. Proceed to payment:

Users will be re-directed to Payment screen after clicking on “Proceed to Payment” button.

4.9 Payment

Payment methods screen provides the list of payment methods exist on store. The eCommerce app builder for Prestashop supports all type of payment methods. The users will be required to select any payment method to proceed further to payment transaction.  Apart from the payment methods available on your store, we have integrated two native payment methods in mobile app viz. Cash on Delivery and PayPal.

In-built Payment methods
Your Store Payment methods

 eCommerce Mobile App Creator for Prestashop - Payment Methods                                                  

4.10 Login

This eCommerce mobile app for Android/iOS will facilitate users to login and manage their account. It also provides users with social login (Facebook/ Google) facility to ease and maximize user account login.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app login page

1. Login:

Authenticated users would be able to access their account by with their login credentials.

2. Signup:

Users can create their account on store from mobile App by providing the all the necessary details required during signup process.

3. Continue as Guest:

User can also be able to place order as guest user without being login into their account.

4. Forget Password:

Registered users can also opt for reset password by sampling providing their email.

5. Facebook Login:

Users can also login using their Facebook Account.

6. Google Login:

Users are also provided with the facility to login with their Google account.


1. In order to create Facebook App and obtain the App ID, refer to this link:

2. In order to create Facebook App and obtain the App ID, refer to this link:

4.11 My Account

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app my account page
My account screen of the Android/iOS eCommerce app allows users to view their account details with list of previous order place by users. My account section offers various facilities:
1. Order History:

Provides the details of order(s) being placed by user such as order id, placed date, status and order products.

2. Update Profile:

Users can also be able to update their profile details such as first or last name, phone number.

3. Shipping Address:

User can see all of their address by clicking on “Shipping Addresses” option.

4. Order Detail:
Same as point 1.
5. Re-order feature:

Users can re-order the same products which they have orders in past by simply clicking the “Re-Order” button.

4.12 Order Detail

Order details screen of the eCommerce app provides the detail of order such as shipping address, product summary, shipping and payment method and total cost summary.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app Order details

4.13 Add Address

Users can also add new address as per his/her requirement directly from mobile app.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app address page

5.0 Web Module Screens

5.1 General Setting

In order to make the Prestashop Mobile App Builder for Android/iOS run from the Store, we will have to configure the Module as shown in the image below: –


a) Enable Plugin: Enable the plugin so that the mobile application can communicate with the store.

b)Enable Spin and Win: Enable to display gamified popup wheel display on the mobile apps. This functionality will only work if you have installed Knowband’s Spin and Win module.

c)Redirect on Cart Page when Add To Cart: This functionality lets you control the redirection of the Add To Cart button. You can either redirect the users to the shopping cart or keeping them on the product page enhancing the chances of additional purchase.

d) Display Short Description:Enable to display the short description of the app along with the detailed one.

e) Select Layout:Choose the desired home page layout for your app. All the layouts configured by you will be displayed here.

f) App Button Color:Choose button color for your app.

g) App Theme Color:Choose theme color for your app.


h) Image for logo: Upload your brand logo image which will be displayed on the header of the app.

i) Display Shipping Methods: Select the desired shipping methods from being displayed on the application.

j) Enabled CMS Pages:Choose the desired CMS pages to be displayed on the mobile applications.

k)Enable Request Log Reporting:Enable the log on the mobile device in order to get any abnormal thing happening at the Mobile End.

l)Enable Live Chat Support:Enable the Zopim Chat Support for the application. You will have to enter the additional parameter of the “Chat API Key” for the application.

m)Enable Whatsapp Chat Support:Enable the whatsapp chat support for the application. The users can directly contact you with the entered chat number in the backend.

n) Enable/disable Phone Number Registration:Enable phone number login options in the mobile app with OTP verification.

5.2 Push Notification Settings

The Prestashop mobile app creator for Android/iOS leverages the Power of Push Notification using the Google Primary Services for the Push Notification to the Mobile Device.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app push notification

  • Firebase Server Key: – Firebase Server key is used to configure the Push Notifications for the application. It is used by Push Notification so that it can send it to the particular Application.

Note: In order to get the Firebase Server Key, refer to the link mentioned below:

  • Enable/Disable Order Creation Notification: – Enable/Disable Push Notification for the creation of the orders
  • Title and Message for Push Notification: – Enter the title and message that has to be sent in the Push Notification after the Order has been created.
  • Enable/Disable Order Status Changed Notification: – Enable/Disable the Push Notification for the change in the Order Status.
  • Title and Message for Push Notification: – Enter the title and message that has to be sent in the Push Notification after the order status has been changed.
  • Enable/Disable Abandoned Cart Notification: – Enable/Disable Push notifications for the cart that has been abandoned by the user.
  • Title and Message for Push Notification: – Enter the title and message that has to be sent in the Push Notification for the Abandoned Cart in the application.
  • Time Interval: – This is a time interval (in hours) for sending the Push Notification for the Abandoned Cart to the users who has items in their cart.

5.3 Push Notification History

The Store Admin can send custom Notification to user to make them aware of the discounts/ offers currently running on their store for particular category/products. These notifications can be customized from the back-end of the Prestashop Android/iOS mobile app builder module.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app push notification history

  • Send Notification: This button is used to show the Popup in the Prestashop Android and iOS mobile app Plugin in order to open the application to configure a Push Notification that has to be sent as shown below: –

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app send notification

  • Title of the Push Notification: – The title of the Push Notification that has to be sent to the users.
  • Message of the Push Notification: – The message that has to be sent in the Push Notification to be sent.
  • Device Type: – The platform of the device to for whom Push Notification has to be sent.
  • Image Type: – It lets user to select an image to be uploaded to the server or use an URL in order to give the path of the image. It gives two options:
  1. Upload
  2. URL
  • Notification Image: – Preview of the image that has to be sent to the users.
  • Image URL: – The actual URL of the Notification Image
  • Redirection Activity: – The Application page where the user will be redirected after he clicks on the Push Notification. It gives three option: –
  1. Home
  2. Category
  3. Product
  • Select the Category/Product: – You will have to select the category/product based on the type of the selection of the redirection activity.
  • Send Notification: – This button is used to send the notification configured above.

5.4 Payment Methods

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator is compatible with all payment methods. All the Payment Methods are available in the application but some of the Payment Methods can be configured natively in the application like PayPal Payments and Cash On Delivery.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app payment settings

You can edit the Payment Methods like their name in different languages as well as other parameters as shown in the image below: –

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app edit payment settings

Following parameters can be edited in the Payment methods: –

  • Payment Method Name: – Edit the name of the Payment Methods in different languages supported on your store.
  • Select Mode: – Select the Payment Environment, i.e., Sandbox or Live. These settings are made available in case the Store Admin wants to test the payment method before proceeding.
  • Client ID: – This is used in the case of PayPal Payment in order to identify the Merchant Account to which the Payment has to be made while placing the order.

5.5 Home Page Layout


The Prestashop Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to optimize the layout of the home screen of the app. This provides full flexibility to the merchant to change the look and feel of the home screen whenever there is a requirement. All you need to do is to set the positioning and upload the banners as per various occasions and events.


You can manage the following attributes under layouts:

  • Top categories
  • Square Banner
  • Horizontal Sliding Banner
  • Grid Banners
  • Countdown Banner
  • Grid Products
  • Horizontal Sliding Products
  • Recently Accessed Products

 Note: You can also change the positioning of all the attributes as per your own requirements.

a) Top Categories: 

Top categories are fully customizable including  their image and the landing categories. The Prestashop mobile app maker provides  maximum eight category options to choose from.


b) Square Banner: With the help of  Prestashop mobile app maker you can even display the products in square banner.


c) Horizontal Sliding Banner: The Prestashop mobile app maker allows admin to display the sliding banners on the mobile app


d) Grid Banners: The Prestashop mobile app builder allows store merchant to display the banners in grid order.


e) Countdown Banner Timer: The Prestashop mobile app builder provides you a countdown banner timer to introduce your sale in an intuitive way.


f) Square Products: You can even display the products in the square listing on the home screen of your application.


g) Products – Horizontal Listing:

The Prestashop mobile app maker provides option to display products in horizontal sliding on the home screen. You can easily customize the listing from the backend interface.


h) Products – Grid:

The Prestashop mobile app builder lets you display the products in the grid form on the home screen. These products can be fully configured from the backend panel.


I) Products recently accessed:

The Prestashop mobile app has the option to display recently viewed products. Whenever the user visits any product on your app, it immediately gets listed under the recently viewed section on the home screen of the app.

6.0 Features offered by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app creator

1) Web admin interface –

Once the prestashop mobile app builder plugin is installed in the prestashop store, the admin gets an access to the web admin interface. The initial configurations can be done from the backend of the admin panel of the prestashop mobile app builder extension.

2) Gamified interface-

The Prestashop mobile app maker provides a gamified spin and win Popup interface to users. Users can spin the wheel and grab some discounts or offers on products. The condition is only applicable when the spin and win module is installed on the backend

The logo of the company will be displayed on the header section of the mobile app. This technique helps the store Users can add multiple items in their cart and it keeps you on the product page when the add to cart is clicked.

4) Design Control –

The store admin gets full access of design control and can customize app UI by changing the banner or images from the back-end of the Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder.

5) Tablet-Optimized –

The eCommerce mobile app created by Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder are tablet and mobile optimized, that is, they work seamlessly on tablet, Smartphones, iPhones and iPads.

6) Multiple app themes and customization–

By default, the eCommerce app has 4 inbuilt themes which you can choose from on Splash screen in our demo app. You can also customize the theme completely by choosing your own colors from the color chart.

7) Custom fonts–

By default, the mobile app builder for Prestashop support 10+ font types and you can choose anyone from them. If you want any other font, then we will implement it for free of cost.

8) Sync between web module and mobile app –

A real time web store synchronization is established between your web and mobile app so that product updates, orders, languages, currencies, and all other data gets immediately reflected into your eCommerce mobile app as an when it happens.

9) Multi-lingual–

Prestashop mobile app maker offers multilingual and RTL support. The eCommerce mobile apps natively supports 18 international languages which are given below. If you want any other language other than below, then we will add it for you free of cost.

  1. Bulgarian
  2. Czech
  3. Dutch
  4. English
  5. Finnish
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Greek
  9. Hungarian
  10. Italian
  11. Polish
  12. Portuguese
  13. Romanian
  14. Russian
  15. Slovak
  16. Swedish
  17. Spanish

Right to left languages (Arabic) supported –

The Prestashop mobile app maker offers RTL compatibility as well. The eCommerce apps support RTL languages viz.

  • Arabic
  • Aramaic
  • Azeri
  • Dhivehi/Maldivian
  • Hebrew
  • Urdu
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Kurdish and others.

10) Multi-currency–

Prestashop mobile app maker offers multicurrency compatibility. The eCommerce apps support all the currencies available on your PrestaShop Store.

11) Unlimited push notifications with promotion banners–

With Prestashop mobile app creator, you can send unlimited push notifications with promotional banner to your customer for offers, discounts, seasonal sale and other promotional events. Customer will be constantly updated by automatic push notification triggered from web for events like after placing order, order status update, abandon cart reminder. You can also enable or disable these automatics notifications from web admin interface of the Prestashop Android/iOS mobile app builder module.

12) Live chat–

Provide 24*7 support to your valuable customers using inbuilt Zopim chat services of Prestashop mobile app maker. It provide following chat services:

  • Live Chat Feature.
  • Whatsapp Chat Feature.

13) Quick login–

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder for Android/iOS provides you following login options:

  1. Google/Facebook login.
  2. Finger Print login.
  3. By OTP Verification.

14) Coupons and Vouchers support–

Prestashop eCommerce app maker supports all types of coupons running on your store.

15) Native payments methods (PayPal and cash on delivery)–

Prestashop mobile app maker is compatible with all payment methods. Apart from supporting all payment methods available on your store, we have given inbuilt PayPal and Cash-on-Delivery to provide easy payment interface to your customer.

16) Product sharing feature –

Your Customers can share your products via email, Facebook or by other mediums directly from Product screen in app by the social sharing option offered by Prestashop mobile app creator.

17) Support all type of product –

Nautica eCommerce mobile apps support all product types used in E-commerce.

  1. Simple Products
  2. Virtual Products
  3. Configurable Products
  4. Bundled Products
  5. Grouped Products

18) Shipping Methods:

The Prestashop mobile app maker is compatible with all shipping methods available on your store

19) Voice Search Options:

The Prestashop Android Mobile app builder even offers voice search option. This feature is missing in the Prestashop iOS mobile app builder.

20) Simplified Checkout:

Easy to use simplified checkout offered by Prestashop mobile app creator makes online shopping easier for the store visitors.

21) Home Page Layout-

The Prestashop mobile app builder offers full access of home page layout to  the store merchant. The store merchant can easily customize the home page layout of the mobile app from the backend. Admin can add multiple attributes elements on the home page of the mobile app according to various occasions and events. The store merchant can add the following attributes on the home page layout:

  • Top Categories
  • Product Banner
  • Square Banner
  • Grid Banner
  • Horizontal Sliding Banner
  • Countdown Sale Timer Banner

22) Multilevel Categorization-

In Multilevel categorization, categories are divide into the  sub categories. But this Multilevel categorization only works on store when the module is installed from the back-end.

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4 thoughts on “PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Builder – User Manual

  1. Good day!
    I have purchased your module for prestashop, Knowband Mobile App Creator for Android and ios. Kindly advise how I can have the configuration documents? Also during the configuration I‌ have to enter Chat API key, custom css, Firebase Server Key and …. How I can have these?
    Prompt response is appreciated.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Rafie,

      Sorry for the late response.
      1. You don’t need any configuration documents with Knowband. Once you have purchased the module, you will have to share your specification with us through the following form:
      We will provide a fully configured app as per the details shared by you.

      2. As far as firebase key is concerned we provide the key after the app gets developed.

      3. For chat API key, you have to generate one for you with the following process:
      a.) Go to
      b.) Then you will be asked to complete login/registration
      c.) After successful login/registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard
      d.) Then Click on check connection and a popup will be opened
      e.) You will find your account key there
      f.) Copy the Account Key
      g.) Enable Live Chat support and enter the account key and save.

      Hopefully, this info will solve all your queries. Let us know if you need any other help regarding the module.

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