6 Customer Retention Hacks to Make the Visitors Purchase More

The trend of online shopping is at its peak, therefore, the idea of making sales to a potential buyer along with the idea of customer retention requires efforts and strategies. With numerous options available, customers are not restricted to a single store in order to make a purchase.

Thus, the process of customer retention is quite a task for eCommerce owners. Focusing on customer retention along with customer acquisition can offer great returns for any business in a long run. Below discussed are some of the ways in which shopping sites can make sure that their customers are retained and get satisfied with the overall shopping experience.

1. Subscription services


One of the better ways to make sure that the customers are retained in the web store is by getting more subscribers. It helps in increasing the average number of sales per customer. Subscriptions are the bread and butter of retention marketing. Once a customer is subscribed then they can be bought back to the store for making more sales. There are numerous ways of getting subscriptions and if the online websites follow the right approach then they can easily make more retained customers. Instead of sticking to the conventional subscriber pop-ups, the online shopping sites can go for the gamified pop-ups that can lure the visitors back to the store.

2. Optimize the website


It is difficult to gain higher traffic as it would be a costly process but the web store can be personalized in a better way so that the visitors who take a look at the website would like to make a purchase. The eCommerce stores need to provide the visitors with a better experience by working on important aspects of the website. They could make use of high-quality images to provide better information about the product, making the predictive search bar better, including the trust elements in the web store so that the customers may build better trust on the store and would be engaged in a better manner. This helps in attracting new customers and at the same time, the old customers are retained.

3. Reward the customers


The web stores need to make sure that their customers are being rewarded at a definite time interval. Rewarding the customers by various means helps in maintaining a better relationship between the customer and the online store. The customers who make purchases from your store are likely to demand something in return. If the eCommerce store doesn’t reward the loyalty of the customers then the factor leading them to make more purchases is lost. Therefore, the websites must make sure that they offer some kind of rewards either in form of reward points or discount coupons must be provided timely. This will surely encourage them to make more purchases from your store. Click here to know how you can reward your loyal customers.

4. Collect feedbacks and reviewscollect-feedbacks-customer-retention

There is no doubt that the customers have their own level of understanding of the website. Thus, you must provide them with the chance to speak up and let them understand their problems or suggestions. This makes the customer believe that the website cares for their opinions. The use of honest reviews from the customers should also be used and attached to the product page. If you want to increase the conversion rates of your eCommerce website, interact with your customers. Talk to them directly. Having a Live Chat feature within your website will just do the job for you perfectly. Emails take time to get drafted. Moreover, the customer’s testimonial on the website can build a trust factor in the minds of other visitors. Thus, motivating them to make more purchases.

5. Provide better process flow


Customer retention is followed by a process. If the eCommerce store wants to make better customers purchase they need to provide them with better process flow. Some of the ways would be providing easy login and quick checkouts. The customer needs to make better and fast purchases and the one-page checkout enables them with the same. The customer doesn’t need to move from page to page in order to complete the purchase. The one-page checkout extension for Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, and other eCommerce platforms can be used to enable this feature. Options like this not only enhance the customer’s experience but also provides better purchase options for retention. Cross-selling the product while the customers are checking out of the page is another way to retain the customers.

6. Improve website performance


Don’t make your customers wait too long. The buyers have a definite amount of time in order to make a purchase and with every second they start to lose trust in the website. Therefore, making sure that the customers are responded at an expected rate will help in building better trust. Moreover, the involvement of the customers in making a purchase from the eCommerce store declines at a very rapid rate with increasing response time. Website performance plays an important role in determining the retention of the customer in the store.

Over to You

The eCommerce store wants to grow at a rapid rate and acquire new customers but it is equally important to retain the old customers as they serve the basis for regular purchase. Therefore, the online store must make sure that they incorporate various strategies and features so that the customers are entertained and obliged to make a purchase from the shopping store more often.

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