How to Get Customer Feedback?

How to Get Customer Feedback?

One thing that helps you in becoming better every day in your business is Customer Feedback.

Customer is the king they say and it is indeed very true. They are the ones who can take your business to the peak or bring it down drastically.

Be it any business, they aim to provide the best of services to their customers. If your customers are not satisfied with you, it will not help you in the long run. And this is where customer feedback plays a crucial role.

Customer feedback is important to know what your customers think about your products or services. How has been their experience on your website? Are they happy with your services or not? Is there something that they would like to get changed or anything that’s troubling them on your website? You should always welcome your customers’ opinions and suggestions.

When you get honest feedback and look at things from a customer’s point of view, you can identify what’s lacking in your business and which are the areas that you can improve on, in a better way.

So how do you get customer feedback? How do you encourage customers to share their views about your brand or products?

In this write-up, I have shared a few tips to get customer feedback.

6 ways to ask for Customer Feedback

There are many ways to collect customer feedback. However, I have filtered out a few from my list that I find to be the most useful.

1. Collect Feedback on the Order Confirmation Page

Your order confirmation page or the thank you page is one of the best sources to know about your customer’s shopping experience and can provide you with some invaluable customer feedback.

Ask them if they faced any difficulty while navigating on your website or any particular page that hampered their experience. Was it easy to find what they were looking for? These sorts of questions are beneficial to improve your website’s performance.

You can ask such questions in the form of multiple-choice questions that let customers select the quality of service they experienced on your website. Customers usually do not wait even for a second on the order confirmation page. So try to get the feedback in a simple and clear way.

Besides, you can also place a comment box on this page to allow customers to leave any other suggestions.

2. Live Chat Support

Another way to collect customer feedback is through live chat support. If you provide a live chat support option on your website, it would be easy for you to know what sort of issues or challenges your customers are facing.

Moreover, the live chat option is accessible and provides customers with an easy way to communicate with your support team and get their concerns addressed right away. It also tends to make your customers stay for a longer duration on your website since the response from the support is mostly instantaneous.

Many businesses are offering live chat support through WhatsApp as well.

After you have finished addressing their concerns, you should ask for your personal feedback as well, like if you were able to resolve their queries or are they satisfied with your help. Although this seems to be very obvious, it’s a good practice to follow.

3. Be Active on Social Media

Today, customers find social media a better option to contact a business than email or any other form. And when customers are disappointed or frustrated over a matter, they tweet about it or leave negative comments on your Facebook or Instagram posts.

This is why it is important that your social media team gives a prompt response to customer queries. Whether they tweet, leave a comment or DM you personally, try to be as quick as possible in providing a solution.

Criticism or I would say constructive criticism is sometimes very helpful to understand the flaws in your business or services.

Engage with your customers. Reply to their comments/queries or tweets and most importantly, be very polite while dealing with their issues. Social listening highly matters in an eCommerce business.

4. Exit Popup

Though an Exit Popup is majorly used to entice customers with some attractive offers at the last minute, they can be used to collect customer feedback as well.

Exit Popups are popups that appear when a user tries to exit your website. By having an exit-intent popup, you can ask customers for some suggestions to improve while they try to leave. It can prove to be a useful tool to know the opinion of your visitors, primarily the new ones.

Make sure that the popup does not appear if a user is trying to exit within a very few seconds. Let them spend some time on your website. Let them go through some of the pages so that they get an idea about your brand. Then you can ask them for their opinion like if they felt anything missing while browsing your website or how helpful it is as far as the user experience is concerned.

5. Obtain Customer Feedback through Surveys

You would have often received survey emails from brands or seen it on social media. Surveys are an important asset when it comes to getting customer feedback.

Create a survey form and send the survey link to your loyal and existing customers on their email address. Since a survey can be a long-form, you need to be very impactful with your choice of words when you are asking a customer to fill the survey. Make them feel that their feedback matters a lot in the success of your business.

You should run surveys on social media platforms as well. To make people participate in the survey, you can reward them with an offer or anything that persuades them to fill the survey form. Survey forms give you detailed feedback.

Alongside surveys, you should conduct polls at regular intervals to identify which particular elements on your website your users find to be the most and least helpful.

6. Create a Forum

Having a forum on your website helps your customers to discuss and share their queries or concerns and ask the forum community for a solution. Basically, it forms a community where a person can raise any kind of question and the other members can answer if they know it.

You can take a look at your online forum and see what kind of discussions your audience is having or if there is an issue that has arisen lately that you are unaware of.

Final Thoughts

Some of the other ways to collect customer feedback are calling your customers at regular intervals. Though this can be a challenging task for large eCommerce businesses but can be very helpful for those businesses that are on a small scale.

You can reach out to customers when they abandon their cart and ask them what went wrong during their purchase.

When you receive positive feedback from your customers, it gives you a push to make the experience of your customers even better than before. And do not get upset with negative feedback. Negative reviews are more helpful as they provide you with every minute detail that you can work upon to improve the customer experience.

I hope you liked this information on how to get customer feedback. Feel free to add any further points in the comments below. What are your strategies to collect customer feedback?

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