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AloShop PrestaShop eCommerce Store is created on the world’s most accepted eCommerce Opensource PrestaShop platform. Along with basic features provided by PrestaShop, every store needs sparking elements to drive more traffic and sales.

With emerging technology and available free tools, it has become simple to create a basic functional website unlike a few years back. Adding to this, several ready-made plugins can turn a basic website into a versatile one that gives satisfactory customer expiring.

PrestaShop is a popular eCommerce platform with thousands of companies creating their online store.

AloShop is a user-friendly eCommerce website. All thanks to KnowBand’s PrestaShop Modules.

Introduction to AloShop

AloShop is an online marketplace that sells housewares, electronics, toys, houseware, clothing, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers.


This article is a walkthrough example of the best PrestaShop modules installed in the AloShop online store.

Let’s take the virtual tour of AloShop:

Advanced One Page Checkout

The One Page Checkout makes the checkout process quick. The easier the checkout process more will be the conversion.


Hence, PrestaShop Advance One Page Checkout is the best solution for any checkout page. Social login, guest checkout, customized layout, and several other features to make the shipping and payment process secured and easy.


Social Loginizer – Prestashop Addons

AloShop Implemented Social Loginizer to make their store’s user experience better to uplift sales and conversions. The following are the advantages that this Prestashop module provides to store owners:

  • UI that is easy to use, customize and mobile-friendly
  • Simplify the method of registering and logging in with 15 15 different social login choices
  • Store owner can monitor reports

Quick Login popup – Prestashop Addons:

To provide fast Login on AloShop use of the Quick login module was the best consideration. Customers can register/log in to their accounts without leaving their current page. It displays an attractive colorful popup which saves time while also improving customer satisfaction. Quick login has social login icons and users can customize it anytime.

Web Push on PC

To send web push notifications to the subscribers, AloShop has installed Web Push Notification Module. It allows the admin to send scheduled automated notifications like Abandoned Cart Notifications, Order Status Update Notifications, Price Alert Notification, and Back in Stock Notifications, etc.

Facebook share and win discount – Prestashop Addons:


Offering rewards to customers is a trick that works for customer retention and promotes conversion on eCommerce stores. The PrestaShop share and win addon allow online customers to win great prizes simply by posting a product on Facebook. AloShop is using this super exciting module to attract customers via social media marketing. Using this PrestaShop share and win addon, the store admin will promote goods and increase sales.

GDPR Rights of the Individual – Prestashop Addon

The rights and data protection is the primary goal of every eCommerce company. In Europe, the eCommerce laws are to be followed strictly. The AloShop is a European website hence they have to keep their store GDPR Compliant. Customers have more power over their data under the GDPR. They have used the module created by Knowband for GDPR compliance.

Google Shopping

To list the products on Google Shopping, AloShop is using Google Shopping Marketplace Integration developed by KnowBand. It is a PrestaShop module that allows user to manage their Google Shopping profile from the PrestaShop store.

SEO Wizard

To improve the site’s search engine ranking AloShop introduced the Prestashop SEO addon to their store. It cuts down on the time and effort needed for SEO optimization. The interlinks and metadata are automatically incorporated into the front-end of the website.

Product Video- PrestaShop Addon:

Store owners can add multiple videos to a single product page using the Prestashop adding video extension. Auto video play is another appealing feature. Online buyers can get product information and requirements from the e-merchant. It boosts customer’s confidence, gives them a better shopping experience.


This AloShop website has several PrestaShop Modules that make the website more useful and improves the overall experience throughout.

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