The CurlsShop is another Success Story in eCommerce for OpenCart


We have been celebrating the success stories of our eCommerce clients and CurlsShop is another major development in the OpenCart world, so read this article for more on a very local success story. Online businesses are flourishing worldwide and a platform like OpenCart which is scalable and secure is best to start with.

Many of your beauty and hair items can be found in CurlsShop online store. They provide excellent service and goods at a reasonable price/quality ratio. You can always rely on a huge selection and low prices when you shop with them. The website and its services give a wonderful user experience.

To provide a more promising experience to the customers of the CurlsShop store, they have optimized their website with various ready-made OpenCart extensions. Let’s dive into the CurlsShop online store and take a virtual tour of KnowBand’s OpenCart extensions used.

OpenCart Extensions that make CurlsShop a Success!

#1. OpenCart One Page Checkout Pro

OpenCart One Page Checkout simplifies the multiple page checkout process by reducing it to a single page. Encourage fast checkout to cut down on cart abandonment and increase conversions. CurlsShop has added multiple shipping and payment methods to OpenCart Single Page Checkout.

The store is serving in the Netherlands and they have listed iDEAL, iDEAL QR, ING Home’Pay, Giropay, PayPal Payments Standard, EPS, SofortBanking, Belfius Pay Button, Afterpay, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, and Bancontact as their payment methods for their customers.


Multi-lingual support helps the store to communicate and expand.

#2. Abandoned Cart

Cart abandonment is a challenge to every eCommerce start-up. CurlsShop has implemented an abandoned cart extension to keep the abandoner’s track and find out the glitch. It allows them to send timely notifications manually and automatically for recovery of the abandoned cart.

With an OpenCart Abandoned cart module, reminder emails and, push notifications can be sent and reminder pop-ups can be displayed. Here is a guide for the abandoned cart recovery email that can help you bring your lost sales back.

#3. Product Review Incentive

Another way to increase customer retention in online stores is by rewarding them with loyalty points. To increase customer loyalty and user engagement in CurlsShop, they have allowed customers to drop product reviews on the product page. Customers get rewarded with points or discounts when they drop a review and if it gets approval from the store manager.

product-review-1 product-review-2

Same reviews have been displayed on the home page of the store. Feedbacks and testimonials are major eCommerce converters.

#4. Google reCaptcha

To protect the OpenCart CurlsShop website from spammers and bots, google reCaptcha has been used on the store. The online store is protected from fake signups by Google reCaptcha developed by Knowband.


#5. GDPR Compliance

To follow the European eCommerce laws, online shops must make their website GDPR compliant. The law was made to maintain the privacy of the customer’s personal details. CurlsShop is using KnowBand’s GDPR compliance extension on their OpenCart store.

#6. Google Shopping

Customers may use the Google search page to look for, display, and compare items. OpenCart store owners can use the Google Shopping OpenCart extension to map their items to Google Shopping and manage multiple attribute groups such as Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and many others. CurlsShop is also using OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator to get listed on the top results of Google search.

In conclusion, to make an accessible and user-friendly store, you have to keep the website pages responsive and engaging. Various modules and plugins are available to overcome the eCommerce challenges like abandoned cart, bounce rate, or least conversions.


Get an extension for your store as per your requirement from Front end Demo, Admin demo, and user manuals are available for better understanding. In case you have any queries or require expert assistance you can write an email at and we promise to give a quick response.

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