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Many eCommerce companies have built their website on the WooCommerce platform supported by WordPress. This platform is secure and the choice of every online store startup due to its scalability and easy handling. KnowBand has created WooCommerce Mobile App Builder software that converts WooCommerce website to mobile app for Android and iOS operating systems.

You do not need to be a tech ninja to create a Mobile app for WooCommerce using WooCommerce Mobile App Builder. It’s that easy to install and customize. This article is to recognize our 10 amazing Android and iOS App for WooCommerce that can inspire you to create your own.

WooCommerce Platform Market Share in 2020

Website owners who already have a WordPress platform can quickly add a WooCommerce shop to it without having to change their technology stack. It’s no wonder that WooCommerce is used by such a large percentage of eCommerce websites, given that WordPress powers over 30% of the internet, highest among all other eCommerce platforms

Android and iOs App for WooCommerce is Compatible with Dokan Marketplace


Dokan, driven by WooCommerce, is the best front-end multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress. It enables you to build your own marketplace in less than 30 minutes, similar to Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. KnowBand’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin is compatible with Dokan Marketplace.

Note: The compatibility of the Mobile app with the Dokan marketplace will be treated as a custom change and it will cost some additional amount.

Take a look at 10 examples of Effective Mobile Business Apps created using KnowBand’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder.

#1: Kevajo

Kevajo is a major e-commerce challenger in Ivory Coast. They offer the best products in the market at the best prices. Competitive prices on smartphones, household appliances, fashion, office supplies, beauty and hygiene products, computer products, and other items available on one platform.

The website is on WooCommerce and like every other eCommerce company, they needed a mobile app. What’s better than the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder developed by KnowBand!

The Kevajo Android and iOs App for WooCommerce has a crafted, clean, and organized home page with clear navigation. A customer can search products, check out the categories and shop directly.

Have a look at the app:


Sort and filter options on the product page make the search easy.

The live WhatsApp chat support is an attractive feature that allows real-time interactions with prompt responses to customer questions.

For call support on a particular product, the app has a direct call button on the Product Page. A well-designed custom mobile app product page improves conversion.

Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile App available for Android and iOS

Downloads: 1000+

#2: Taj Class cosmetics Jordan

TajClass cosmetics is an eCommerce Cosmetic store that has numerous brands for beauty products. The android application created by KnowBand is a stunning example of the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin. It is elegant and one of the popular cosmetic apps in Jordan.

What’s new in this App? A customer can log in in three different ways:

  1. Email and Password
  2. Log in with Phone number
  3. Login with fingerprint


App available for Android

Downloads: 500+

#3: Koobsade

KoobSade.com is an online shopping mall start-up company aiming to become the market leader in Somalia and other parts of Africa by connecting buyers and sellers across all categories.

Koobsade is a marketplace that supports B2B and B2C businesses. The Android and iOS WooCommerce app developed by KnowBand for WooCommerce online marketplace Koobsade is compatible with Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.

Anyone can register as a vendor and customers can visit seller profiles from the left menu option where you will also find categories and your account details.

In this WooCommerce mobile app, you will find the product review option on the product page of the KoobSade mobile App.

Have a look!


#4: Marothjewels Jaipur: Android and iOs App for WooCommerce

Humans have valued jewelry since the dawn of time. For us, it has remained a sign of strength and elegance. Marothjewels Jaipur is a platform for Jewelry designers and global brands and customers can find unique aesthetic jewelry on one platform.

The Android and iOs App for WooCommerce has all the basic features like a tailored home page, category page, menu options, search button, and a shopping cart.

The application is unique in a way! The android app home screen design has search tabs and WhatsApp live chat support buttons at the bottom bar.

Android and iOs App for WooCommerce

Login Option: A customer can sign up by filling in personal details and they can login with their most used social media platform Facebook or Google.

Also, a customer can login in using Email and Password, login with a Phone number, or login with a fingerprint.

Live Whatsapp support helps to develop consumer trust and loyalty. End-to-end encryption ensures encrypted consumer communications on WhatsApp. This Aids in the popularity of your brand name.

Available for: Android and iOS

Downloads: 500+

Create your WooCommerce Mobile App for Android and iOS

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#5: Salami Foods

SALAMI FOODS is Hyderabad’s first online meat market. SALAMI FOODS brings the idea of high-quality fresh chicken, mutton, and kinds of seafood on wheels to life right outside your house!

WooCommerce android Mobile App

This WooCommerce Android Mobile app has a custom home page design. Any application’s home screen is a must-have feature. When it comes to smartphone apps, it is necessary to have better call-to-action buttons and clear navigation.

Salami Foods WooCommerce Android Application is a magnificent live example.

Available for: Android

#6: NeWorld Anime

The NeWorldanime app for Android allows customers to check for “Official” animated merchandise, compare items by status, price, and make purchases on NeWorldanime.com directly from their devices. Customers of NeWorldanime have access to their shopping carts, wishlists, payment, and delivery choices, purchasing history, and settings.


Find the goods you want at the best price/quality ratio.

Wherever you are and at any time, you can view product images and read comprehensive descriptions (Size, Brand, and Condition).

You can check the status of a recent order right from your phone.

Available for: Android

#7: Declutter Shop

Free money is great, but being able to transform your old or unused but usable goods into cash is even better. As a DeClutter Seller, you can sell discarded items like shoes, luggage, clothing, appliances, and more for 50% off the retail price.

The WooCommerce Android mobile app developed using Mobile App Builder for DeClutter shop has striking features and is highly responsive.

The voice search option makes it more responsive.


Available for: Android

#8: Same Din Delivery App

Clothing is an art form as well as a means of self-expression. Same Din Delivery is introducing lightning-quick delivery to your doorstep, all on the same day.

The app is developed using KnowBand’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin. It has all the features that make the application user-friendly and has clear navigations. You can sort and filter products according to price, size, etc and add them to the cart, and proceed to checkout in fewer steps.


Available for: Android

#9: Kivea

KIVEA is a multi-vendor fair-trading portal and a digital marketplace for SMSE, both large and small, to participate in national and international trade, as well as to help promote and complement Cameroon’s and Africa’s E-Commerce ecosystems.

It supports an Affiliate marketing program with a lot more exciting features. Seller profiles can be visited from the menu and it allows customers to purchase in a simple manner.

Available for: Android

Android and iOs App for WooCommerce

#10: Shoppinger

Shoppinger Android mobile app is created by KnowBand using the WooCommerce Android App builder plugin. The Shoppinger is an online shopping website for men and women. The products can be searched based on various filters like gender, size, price, color, etc and you can see them as popular, most relevant, lowest prize first, etc.


The application is feature-rich and allows every individual to shop flawlessly. From the landing page of the android app to the checkout page, every step is very well configured and tested by expert app developers.

Available for: Android 

To conclude:

It is very easy to list your app on the Apple Store or Google play store. WooCommerce mobile app creators can be used to do so. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder gives you the freedom of optimizing every aspect from the home page to the checkout page with ease. The above-mentioned 10 stunning Android and iOs WooCommerce Mobile Apps can give you the idea of how to optimize your mobile application for a better user experience and customer engagement.

The Android and iOS mobile app builder plugin is also available for Magento 2, MagentoPrestaShop, and OpenCart eCommerce platforms.

Have a glance at our amazing Android and iOS mobile app portfolio: Portfolio and Testimonials


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