Must-have Features for your Fashion-Focused PrestaShop Store


As some fashion technology companies are successfully raising more cash and rising, there is another segment struggling to survive. Such online businesses are stalling because they are failing to respond to the change in the consumer’s media consumption habits. If you have a PrestaShop fashion store then you must read this article and find out those important features that you have missed so far.

Your products must have the best presentation possible. Since customers can analyze fabrics for their color and texture in retail fashion stores; they can put clothes on and see how they fit; they can see what color looks best on them instantly is not possible for an online store. To cope-up with that, you must have adapted the practices like size charts, color charts, video presentations, and many more.

Is your fashion store ready?

From launching a clothing store website to digital marketing, it requires several functionalities and you need to focus on various aspects of online business.

For this, we have shared a complete guide to starting your online clothing store.

Now when you have already created your fashion store, you have to see what more can be added and how you can make more money from it in 2021. The customer experience is always a source to improve customer retention and conversion on your store.

Have a look at the top features that should add to your PrestaShop online fashion store that you should focus on.

Let customers add their favorites to Wishlist


There are people who consider adding products to their wishlist that they can buy sometime later. A wish list helps shoppers to create customized lists of items that they want to purchase and to save them for future reference in their user account. Wishlists signify the interest of a consumer in a commodity without an immediate buying intent.

Offering wish lists is an efficient way of reducing shopping cart abandonment and satisfying consumer sales that have indicated purpose but have not ended up buying.

Make it simple to use the Size Guide

Optimize your size guide: build a map of sizes. Display the corresponding sizes for any continent or country if your store ships internationally. If an individual shows your items, decide what size the model is wearing. This will give individuals a clearer understanding of product sizes.

When customers shop online, fitting remains among their primary concerns. And when not treated properly, as orders with incorrect sizes from consumers translate into service and refund requests, it is a source of extra costs for retailers.

Offer Loyalty Program for customer retention


An eCommerce loyalty program is a customer engagement tool aimed at retaining and engaging your current customers, so they purchase, shop more often, or engage more often with your brand in higher amounts.

The loyalty points or reward points increase customer retention. Simple to understand, the best services show a straightforward path to higher levels and incentives, and deliver a fun experience!

Coupon codes – Review Reminders

Asking for feedback or showing a comment form is to let your customers know that you trust the quality of your goods. And in online shops, where the consumer does not communicate directly with the product, the feedback of other customers is a bonus.


To find out more about your customers at the very moment they visit your site, you can use special optimization tools. Knowing your customers better means giving them exclusive deals according to their needs and personal tastes. The Product review reminder and incentive program provides customers some discount offers on every review they drop on your PrestaShop fashion store.

Have a robust Return Management Tool

Is your fashion store ready to manage return orders? The returns are always a headache for fashion store owners. Your store should have robust software that can manage all the returns, order cancelation, and refunds properly.

The return manager developed by KnowBand helps you manage all of it on your PrestaShop fashion store. It is the only available module that has features to handle the order cancellation as well.


To optimize the online fashion store for further sales, the whole concept is to make the shopping experience better. Sales are more likely to rise if clients like the goods and find the correct details at the right time.

We hope from this article you have learned something new and that as you start or continue your journey as an online fashion retailer, you use it as a guide.

Vishakha Nathani

Vishakha Nathani

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