8 Solid Evidence a Facebook Store can double your Conversions

Knowband Prestashop Facebook Store increase the Conversion Rate
 If you are an active Facebook user, you probably would have seen brands promoting their store’s products through their Facebook page and when you open those pages, you will see they have a “Shop Now” option, which we call it as a “Facebook Store.” For an e-commerce store, a Facebook store is a part of their actual eCommerce store that allows them to sell their products directly through their Facebook page.

“Social media is important for online retailers!”

If you are looking to take your eCommerce business to new heights, social media is the trump card today. The vast engagement of the users on social media platforms has proved to be an important aspect for the online sellers to use them for effective marketing. Amongst all the social media platforms, Facebook is one of the most widely used. That is why it is an inevitable aspect for the merchants to establish their web store on the world’s largest social media platform and make more sales. All they need is a facebook page with a few followers to start with.

Facebook provides a platform for eCommerce store owners in the form of a facebook shop to assist them to market their business. It helps online retailers to expand their business in front of a large audience of Facebook.

It is a proven fact that customers tend to purchase a product when it comes to their notice. For this matter, a Facebook shop proves effective. Sellers can create some amazing content on their Facebook business pages and grab users’ attention towards their store. You can easily link your e-commerce store to your Facebook page with the help of some plugins.

Prestashop Facebook store addon by Knowband is one such addon for Prestashop owners that helps them incorporate their own shop on Facebook. It allows them to manage their Facebook shop quite comfortably. A merchant can adjust the look and feel of their shop with multiple color combinations, feature selected categories and products on the shop and do much more.

Knowband provides FB store extension for Magento as well.

Let us briefly discuss how a Facebook store can help you grow your web store and get better conversions.

1. Drives the traffic from Facebook to the website

Facebook store

The number of Facebook users is hitting a new count every day. It is estimated that the number will reach 3 billionin in the next couple of years. With such numbers, retailers get a huge advantage of making people aware of their brand and achieve higher sales. This creates a good opportunity for e-commerce store owners to redirect a good portion of page traffic to their website directly. The Facebook store can create a significant impact on your store conversions

2. Social sharing

Social sharing

Facebook store ensures social sharing. Many times, if a product posted by a seller is liked by the visitors, there are certain chances that they will suggest that product to some of their family members or friends. The Facebook store enables the feature of social sharing where the visitors can share the products with their known ones. The Facebook shop helps the seller in many ways. Firstly, the seller is able to promote the products on a free platform. Secondly, the visitors who share the product can lead it to a potential buyer which helps in making the sales of the product quite easy.

3. Better product visibility

Better Product Vissibility

One of the best advantages of the Facebook store is that it is easy to reach for users. Most people do own a Facebook account. Therefore, it becomes quite easy for the seller to reach out to potential buyers. One of the major encountered problems by the seller is to find a good and well-known platform in order to promote the product. With a Facebook store, this problem gets minimized and the chances of conversions increase considerably. In addition to this, the merchants can even increase the number of followers on their Facebook shop with some amazing discounts and offers. Prestashop Superfan addon is one such way to compel the visitors to follow you on Facebook.

4. Ease of shopping

Prestashop Better Facebook Shopping Experirnce

What could be a better option for the users than browsing for their favorite products on the same platform which they use generally for entertainment purposes? The Facebook store ensures that the customer doesn’t have to leave the platform while browsing some stuff on your store. It improves the customer’s experience and helps the seller to improve sales performance.

5. Easy access to the website’s product

Easy Access to Product

Most of the people who use the Internet have easy access to Facebook. Thus, establishing a Facebook store helps the seller to make their e-commerce store easily accessible to Facebook users.

People can access Facebook through mobiles, tablets and other devices. Therefore, the idea of accessing the web store just by using the desktop site becomes obsolete. Users can browse the Facebook store using any mode. Using the Facebook shop approach removes the barrier of a limited form of access to the web store, ensuring better coverage to get more visibility and a better conversion rate.

6. Easy to track the traffic coming through Facebook

Having a Facebook shop makes it easy to track your Facebook community members. When you link your store to your Facebook page, then with the help of Google Analytics, you can get an overview of the traffic coming through Facebook. You can check where your customers are coming from, you can track conversions and optimize your shop accordingly.

7. More user Engagement

Selling products on Facebook isn’t difficult if you know how to engage users. For this to happen, you need to make a friendly relation with your community. Make them feel that you care for them. Announce exciting prizes, sales, discounts, solve their queries in the comment section, use facebook stories, organize quizzes, etc. This way, you will find more user engagement on your facebook shop and it will help you understand your community better.

8. Facebook ads

Facebook ads help you get more customers and increase brand awareness. It presents your brand to a new set of people so that more and more people get to know about it. Facebook provides a “Boost post” option by which you can take your brand visibility to the next level. You can target a specific audience with a specified budget.


Most of the eCommerce stores are shifting to social media for better growth. One simply can’t ignore the power of social media if they wish to take their business to the next level.. Not having a Facebook shop might result in losing a large portion of potential buyers. So, go and open your facebook shop today!

If you have any more points to add, do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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