How can Shipping Manager Help in Ensuring a Seamless Transaction to the Online Shoppers?

Prestashop Shipping Manager Addons

Apart from the heavy discounts and the offers that the customers can avail through inline marketing is the better experience that they get while shopping. It encourages the customers to make purchase again from the eCommerce stores. The stores too work in the direction of providing better services to their customers. Most of the time a seller will tend to provide better services as primary concern rather than the products. It helps the customers to connect better to products and at the same time the seller can get a boost in their sales as well as a higher rate of conversions.

If a seller wants to grow the business that they must be sure about the product quality, user experience and the checkout ease for the customers. According to a survey, “23% of the customers cancel their transaction due to the shipping charges”. Thus, the seller must make sure that he can provide the customers with free shipping whenever possible. It ensures that the customers won’t have to pay any extra money for the shipping of products. It encourages the customers to complete their purchase. The sellers can provide free shipping based on many factors like location of the customer, the cost of purchase, weight of purchase etc.

If you are a Prestashop site owner, then, you need not worry about managing your shipping any more. The Prestashop Shipping manager module is one such addon that can help the sellers manage this aspect of their site with minimum hassle. There are times when a customer qualifies for free shipping or charges, based on different factors or else the merchant wants to charge some amount on the cart. The addon enables the seller set the rules and regulations for shipping charges.

Let us discuss some of the factors that need to be considered in order to evaluate shipping cost.

Offer relevant information

Relevent Information, Knowband Module

With the introduction of the shipping manager, the customer get to know how much shipping costs they will have to pay for their products. Thus, it engages users in order to make a purchase accordingly. Most of the time the customers can relate them making a purchase. At the same time, the customers also gets free shipping on qualified cart value which help them make their purchases accordingly. The seller can always be reasonable while providing the shipping cost. It is a win-win situation for both the seller and the customers.

Low abandon carts

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Module

Most of the time, if a customer has made a purchase and during the checkout they are being charged with shipping cost. This tempts them to cancel the transaction and quit store. Thus, it increases the number of abandon carts. So, in this case the seller must be careful that they can provide free shipping if the customers are within the reach of the store. It helps in lowering the number of abandon carts and at the same time the customers leaves the store with a satisfaction. It ensures the customers return t the store for making future purchases.

Seller’s convenience

Seller Convience, Knowband Plugins

Many times the seller needs to deliver products to a remote location. Thus, the shipping cost added to the seller’s pocket may lead him to a loss in making sale. Thus, by using shipping manager module the seller can charge reasonably about the product delivery cost. It helps the seller to not make any loss on the sales of the product. The seller can use charges based up on different modes of fares on making the delivery. This way the seller is sure that he is not losing enough by making a deal while the customers receives the products they want.

Improved customer services

Customer Services

The usage of shipping manager ensures your customers of the prices they need to pay on delivery of their products depending upon their location and the product. Thus, it helps in making the customer services better. The customers are already made aware about the charges. So, they are free to choose the products and the charges they pay. More often, the products which qualifies for free delivery cheers the customers up as they don’t have to pay charges on their delivery. It keeps the customer’s satisfaction and the seller’s profit both in mind. Thus, helping the seller to generate better revenue and the customer’s with timely delivery of their products.

Over to You

The shipping charges are one of the major concern of the seller as well as customers. In order to create a transparency the seller must use reliable method. Thus, shipping manager ensures that the charges are reasonable and at the same time it helps the seller to follow the eCommerce trend in order to get the better profits from the store.

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