6 Easy Ways to Boost your Social Media Marketing through Facebook

Facebook Marketing

The increasing popularity of the social media platforms among the online shoppers have make it one of the most inevitable part of marketing. If we take a look at the statistics, you’ll find that there have an abrupt rise in the total number of users on the social media. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms for the eCommerce stores to promote their product. These platform provides better opportunities to the seller in term of the reaching out to greater number of customers and enhancing the store’s visibility. The foremost concept of marketing includes targeting the right audience and catering them with sufficient information about your products and product count. The Facebook wall posts that showcases your offerings and store information can helps in engaging more customers on the social media platform and at the same time making effective conversions.

1. Easier way to update FB wall

Knowband has come up with Shopify FB Wall Post module. The module enables all the Shopify site owners to connect to their customers on Facebook with attractive and informative wall posts. It is one of the better way to reach to the potential buyers and improve the chances of conversions. The wall post has a higher chances of reaching the required customers as it is easy to access and less time consuming. Keeping the customers informed about your store activity through Facebook is a better than motivating them to visit the store all the time.

2. Contest based marketing

Content Marketing

According to a survey by bufferapp, “About 35% online users engage themselves in the product purchase when they get proper information about it”. Therefore web store owners may use this as an opportunity to boost their sales and increase the rate of conversions. If acted properly, it can help in the tremendous increase in the product sales. You can post your content on Facebook. The images and contents can intrigue the visitors to post their comments. Thus, you can increase the engagement even more. Hence, it won’t be wrong to state that this is a less time-consuming to indulge into content marketing.

3. Organize giveaways


Giveaways are one of the best approach to engage the customers. More customers are likely to register themselves to your web store for free giveaways. The seller can use this to promote his products in the future or inform the customer about the ongoing offers or current discounts.

4. Set up a FB Store

If you run an eCommerce store than setting a FB store might boost the sales up for you. Facebook is most popular social media platform. Thus, providing your customers to use your services without actually visiting the store will surely help you grow. Shopping through FB store is the new concept and your customers will surely love to use your FB store to avail your services. It saves them time and will make their experience better with you.

5. Keep the customers informed through FB page

FB page to promote products

The eCommerce store owners may use a FB page to promote their products. Just create a page and keep your customers updated about your products, deals and discounts offered by you. With the help of this page, you can allow your customers to learn more about your products. This feature helps in increasing the customer data and using it for future references. The customers will be happy to hear about your products, without having to spend their time.

6. Invite the feedback and reviews

Customer feedback and reviews

One of the most important factor, which is often neglected by the eCommerce store owners. Try to be invite more reviews and feedback about your products and services. It helps you in getting a better understanding of the customer’s priorities and queries. At the same time, customers can easily connect with you. This process also promotes the idea of social sharing and enhances the rate of sales up to a great extent by spreading word-of-mouth.

Over To You

Social media is one of the strongest platform to promote your business. Stay in sync with the social media trends that may change the game of eCommerce take your business to the next level.

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