Are you ready for the GDPR? Take a Sneak Peek to our first GDPR compliant Prestashop Module


As suggested by the Prestashop team regarding the adaption of the new hooks to make the Prestashop Modules compliant with the official GDPR module, we are happy to announce the release of our first module with the hooks introduced by the Prestashop team. (Click here to know the details regarding the Prestashop hook to make a Prestashop addon compliant with the official Prestashop GDPR module).

The Spin and Win pop-up addon, that can be used as a welcome or Exit intent pop-up is now in compliance with the GDPR. The GDPR compliant version of the Spin and Win Popup module will be released on Monday, May 21st, 2018.

Spin and Win Entry, Exit Intent Pop-up

The Spin and Win Pop-up module is an interactive, gamified pop-up that allows the Prestashop store admin to display a unique wheel with the various discount options at the store front-end. Admin has so many options to customize the look and feel of the pop-up. Customers also like this welcome pop-up as by just spinning a wheel they get awesome discounts to make their purchase. In order to spin the wheel, it is required to enter the email id, as per the settings enabled by the store admin the coupon code will be displayed to the customer. Admin has the choice to send the coupon code via email. As this pop-up module captures the personal details of the visitor so we have made the required changes in the module to make it compliant with GDPR. Please refer to the attached screenshots:


Here, are the details of the Spin and Win module with the new changes.

GDPR Settings Tab: In the configure section of the Prestashop Spin and Win module a new tab GDPR has been added. The EU merchants can enable the GDPR settings from this tab. Please refer to the attached screenshot in which we have highlighted the GDPR Settings tab.


2)  GDPR Settings: The GDPR settings tab has the option to enable or disable the GDPR options. There are following options in the GDPR settings tab for the merchants to make the popup module compliant with the GDPR.


a) Enable GDPR: Enable GDPR option allows the store admin to enable/disable the GDPR settings. By default, the GDPR settings will remain disabled and as per the business need, store admin needs to enable it.

b) Compatibility with Prestashop GDPR: Admin has the option to enable/disable this feature. If you are using the official GDPR module then you must need to enable this setting. The main purpose of this feature is export and deletes user data on PrestaShop GDPR module request. It is also compatible with Prestashop GDPR Module developed by Knowband. Click here to check the details.

Note: Benefits of using Prestashop GDPR Module by Knowband:

  • Free 3 months support
  • Advance features
  • Automated process

c) Delete user data from MailChimp/Klaviyo/SendinBlue on delete request: As the Spin and Win pop-up addon syncs the captured email ids to the MailChimp/Klaviyo/SendinBlue email service providers (third-party service providers, so if this setting is enabled and you use the services of any one of these email service provider then on the data deletion request the subscriber details will get deleted automatically.

d) Privacy Text: The module will add a checkbox to the pop-up design with the privacy text; this text will be visible to the front-end user at the time of entering email id in the email box.

e) Page URL to Link the Text: Admin can add the link to “Privacy Policy” or any other page with this message.

f) Enable Advanced Feature: This option allows the store admin to add more checkboxes to the pop-up design for marketing permission or any other permission like age verification (age should be 16+). (For Age verification module – click here).

If the Advance Feature setting is enabled then admin will be able to access the additional checkbox setting option. As per requirement, admin can add multiple checkboxes.

i) Service Settings: All the additional checkboxes which have been added by the admin will be listed under the Service Settings. Admin can add the multiple checkboxes with ease.

How to add a new checkbox:

  1. Click on the (+) sign to add a new checkbox.


Note: By default one service will be listed on the service list and admin can update the text for the service.

2. On clicking the + sign will open a pop-up and admin need to enter the details like – Service Label, Make service mandatory and Enable Service.


  • Service Label: This is a text input field. The text entered here will be visible to the front-end user.
  • Make Service Mandatory: This is a toggle button. If this is set to Yes, then this field will be marked as Mandatory and without confirming the checkbox visitors will not be able to get the offer.
  • Enable Service: Admin has the choice the Enable/Disable a service at any time.

Cookie Details:

As the Spin and Win module uses the Cookies so the description and the use of these cookies have been listed in the section so that admin can put these details on the Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy page.


Record of consent:

As soon as the user opt-in for the promotion and spin and the wheel to get the discount coupon code. The Spin and Win Pop-up module keep the proof of the opt-in, as it is required for the lawful processing of the captured data. As the unique coupon code is generated each time so the Statistics tab of the Spin and Win GDPR Compliant Module also record the permissions of the users. Please refer to the attached screenshot.


On clicking the view button admin can check the permission of the user.


The GDPR compliant version of the Spin and Win module will be available on our store from Monday, May 21st, 2018. After enabling the GDPR Settings the Spin and Win pop-up design will look like –


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