Sneak peek to the advance features of the Prestashop GDPR Module by Knowband

The enforcement date of the GDPR is approaching. Yet, most of the businesses are still struggling to make their online store GDPR compliance. In order to make it easier for the Prestashop store owners to meet the GDPR requirements, Knowband has developed the Prestashop GDPR Addon – Rights of the Individual. As per the suggestions of our valuable customers and by referring the discussions on the various forums, we have added some additional features to the Prestashop GDPR Addon. We will release the new version of the Prestashop GDPR Module on May 23, 2018. In order to give a glimpse of the new features to our valuable customers, we are sharing the details and interface design here.

New features of Prestashop GDPR Module

The purpose of these features is to provide additional control to the Prestashop store admin to comply with the GDPR directives. Please find the details of the new features below:Right to be forgottenAdmin has the advanced options to process the data deletion request.order-deletion-optionsNow, admin can select the options like Delete Order, Random data fill or No Action.action-taken-for-order-deletionDelete Order: If the Delete Order option is selected then on requesting for the Data Deletion the order details will be deleted.Random Fill: If the Random Data Fill option is selected then on requesting for the Data Deletion the personal details of the customer will be anonymized. It will help the store admin to keep the statistics of the order and product sale.No action: If the No action option is selected then on requesting for the Data deletion previous order details will remain untouched.Time to process request deletion: Admin can select the option to delete the customer data immediately or after some days. If the admin would like to delete the customer data after some days then admin need to specify the number of days. (Make sure to delete the customer data within 30 days of the request)Deletion of the customer data from Back-office: In order to handle the data deletion requests which have been received through other sources like email, the Prestashop GDPR module provides an interface to the admin to delete the customer data. Follow the steps listed below to complete the data deletion action:

  • Go to the GDPR Forgot Request Tab
  • Click on the Delete Customer’s Data option as highlighted in the screenshot


  • On clicking the Delete Customer’s Data a new tab will open. Please refer to the attached screenshot.


  • Admin needs to enter the customer name or the email id to find the customer details. The details will appear like.

gdpr-delete-data-notify-customerFrom here, admin can check the customer details and also select the option to delete the customer data. Admin can also notify the customer regarding the data deletion through email.Note: As of now, the Prestashop GDPR Compliance Module by Knowband does not keep the record of the data deletion requests processed from the back-office.Purge request day: This option allows the store admin to define the data retention period for the GDPR requests. As per the number of days defined by the admin GDPR request log will get deleted automatically (cron setup for the data deletion).purge-request-dateCron setup: To enable the option to delete the customer data after a specified day and the purge request day, the admin has the options to set up the cron.cron-setupUser Consent: The user consent option allows the store admin to display the checkboxes on the Signup and Contact form.gdpr-settingsPlease refer to the attached screenshot:consent-formTitle:  This is for the internal use. The title of the consent box will appear in the back-office details.Content: The text entered here will be displayed to the user at the front-end.Form Type: Admin can select the Registration Form or the Contact form to display the additional information.Consent URL: Admin can add the link to the Privacy Page or Terms and Conditions page.Required: Admin has the choice to make the field a mandatory filed.After enabling the checkboxes on the registration form the store admin can record the customer permission. To check the customer permission customer need to go to the Customers section. Here at the bottom of the page Under the GDPR Consent – the permission of the customer will be listed. Please refer to the attached screenshot (as per the title entered by the store admin the user consent will be recorded)gdpr-user-consent-recordTips for updating the Module URL:In order to generate the SEO friendly URL for any third party module page. Please follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Preferences >> SEO & URLs


  • Click on the Add New Page.


  • Select the “Modules Page” from the Drop-down (in case of Knowband GDPR Module select the kbgdpr – gdpr)


  • Now enter all the required details and save the changes.

enter-required-details5) Here is your updated URL of the page.front-end-url5 must have Prestashop Extensions to increase the Average Order Value.

  1. Flash Sale Timer Prestashop Addon

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  2. Cash on Delivery with fee

    As per the business requirement sometimes COD option is required on the website. To achieve this goal the store admin can use the Cash on Delivery Addon with Fee. By using this addon store admin can offer COD payment option to the customer and add a minimal fee for the service. Click here to get this addon.

  3. Gift the product

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  5. Free Shipping Manager

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