A PrestaShop Module to Divert Abandoned Carts towards Conversions


Customers have now become more selective during online shopping and are not in a mood to compromise with quality, delivery time, and price of the product. They are always looking for a product that is high in terms of quality and performance that is available without any significant delay and comes with the most economical price among other available products.

It may sound to be a hyperbole statement but it is actually what online shoppers are expecting from their eCommerce store owners. On top of it, if they are not getting the required product/services, they will not think twice about leaving a site and will contribute towards shopping cart abandonments.

It could be a severe blow to the reputation of your company if you are unable to control the shopping cart abandonments. If you are not having enough clue about how to check the increasing abandoned carts in your store, it is time to explore this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module from the Knowband store. Let us explain to you more about the amazing features of this PrestaShop extension for the growth and expansion of your eCommerce store.

Display attractive pop-ups and send endless push notifications-

Many a time, email marketing strategies fail to deliver the expected results because of the frequency of average emails sent or received every day. To combat this situation, the PrestaShop module for Abandoned Cart is integrated with the web-browser push notification feature and entry/exit pop-up for sending a reminder alert to abandoners.

Option to personalize emails in various languages

Personalization makes a tremendous impact on the minds of your customers and can help in effective customer engagement in your store. This PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module provides the facility to create customized emails for your targeted customers by making various personalization attempts. Keep in mind that there are several types of customers and you have to be creative and you have to be creative to entice them.

Functionality to choose CRON jobs as and when required

With this module, it is now possible to manually or automatically update the list of abandoned carts on your store for achieving higher conversion rates and sales. For the orders that are not claimed in the given period of time, the module will mark them abandoned automatically. It allows you to send sequence reminder mails by setting a delay time once a cart is marked abandoned.

Provides facility to include coupon codes in your reminder alerts

Online shoppers are always looking for attractive shopping offers, discounts, and coupon codes that can persuade them to make a quick product purchase. Understanding this mindset, it is now much easier to include engaging discount coupons in your reminder emails for effective targeting of your customers.

Seamless cart recovery for higher customer engagement and sales

One of the main reasons that hamper the conversion of abandoned carts is the ease of cart recovery. This is one of the crucial issues that have been handled effectively by this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module. Abandoned customers are provided with reminder emails that consist of a direct checkout button that can take users back to their shopping carts with all the added products and cart details. Customers don’t have to scratch their heads anymore for retrieving their abandoned cart due to the presence of this outstanding module.

Boosts decision-making process with analytical reports

This Prestashop extension provides a detailed analytical report about abandoned carts and converted carts in the form of graphs and other statistics. By studying the data of these representation figures, you can seamlessly improve your conversion rates and product sales. The abandoned and converted carts of both logged-in users and guest customers can be tracked with this amazing module.


If you have been struggling with the sales and conversions on your store, it is time to make amends with the help of this PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module from the Knowband store. In spite of having numerous options in this field, this eCommerce extension has made its own place and mark due to the presence of various unmatched features and functionalities. Don’t be a victim of shopping cart abandonments anymore and take the required action with the support of this extraordinary Knowband module.

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