9 Checkout Conversion Killers Driving Your Buyers Away


An eCommerce store owner observes maximum cart abandonment when a buyer reaches the checkout page. What factors are responsible for cart abandonment and acting as conversion killers? Talking about the statistics, it is been observed that sixty-nine out of a hundred people abandoned their cart on the checkout page.  Optimizing your checkout process is as important as the website optimization.


There might be many visitors to your blog posts or product pages. But, are they giving you any business? If not, then below are 9 most common checkout conversion killers that drive your customers away.

1.     Mandatory Registration during Checkout:

Forcing your customers to set up an account before they can complete their transaction could kill your conversions. Therefore, make sure that your website always allows customers to shop as visitors without having to register.

You can provide them guest checkout facility or social login option which will make it easier for them without taking much time.

2.     Long and complicated Process:

Nothing is more irritating than filling in super-long forms with complicated fields before you make a purchase. Stop enticing consumers to buy additional items with pop-ups. They sometimes interrupt the checkout process and end up doing more damage than good.

So make your signup form simple and quicky. Make sure that they include relevant drop-downs, radio buttons, and an indication of optional information. Most importantly, hold field labels so that consumers can quickly fill out what they need.

3.     Lacking or Weak Product Details:

It’s just profanity! How do you picture someone buying from you when you don’t have a convincing, thorough explanation of the product. Forget about that. Online shopping is like an impersonal activity. The best way to persuade a customer to buy is through words and amazing images! Start putting some bewitching images to your product description for not making your customers head off.

4.     Never-ending loading time:


Do you like waiting for someone or something? Neither you nor is your customers would like that. Optimize your checkout page for speed. Analyze and cut off the extra fields and graphics from the page which can be a conversion killer. Long loading time will demotivate your customer and encourages them to leave the site.

5.     Lack of payment options:

You can provide several payment options already available for the checkout. The mode of payment is a necessary element to focus on. In the competitive market place you must have an online payment option but having multiple modes can be advantageous. You can put some common secured payment options on your checkout page. Payment gateways provide encryption to keep your customer’s information secure. It provides a more streamlined and convenient experience for them — especially on mobile devices.

6.     Not being mobile-responsive:


A growing amount of online transactions are taking place over mobile devices. Almost any way you look at the numbers, millennials are more open to accepting and more likely to participate on mobile devices than their older counterparts. Customers who shop on their smartphones and tablets have less time than they do on desktops. Buttons need to be bigger and easier to reach, shape fields need to be minimized to speed up the checkout process, and labels and text need to be clearly visible. Ensuring that the checkout process is designed for mobile shoppers is important. You can lose many if your website doesn’t work well with mobile.

7.     Extra Shipping and Hidden Costs:

Imaging, you are buying something online. The product costs $20 and then you move to the checkout page where you see the cost raised by $5. This was the cost they were charging as taxation. You will be discouraged and might leave the checkout process immediately.

If you don’t reveal all the expenses in advance, you’re turning your customers away. 23 percent of customers cancel their purchases because they do not realize the additional costs in advance. Therefore, make sure that you display all costs right on your product page to make the customer experience easier. If you are charging extra for shipping, make sure to highlight it with the product cost on the product page. This can be a conversion killer and will add another order to your abandoned cart list.

8.     Not enough Product reviews:

Product reviews are an essential part of the branding and marketing of an online store. They help create trust and loyalty, and they usually define what sets the goods apart from others. Reviews help your store increase sales, and you can persuade customers to leave more of them. When the comments are found to be credible and correct, they will most certainly listen to them.

9.     Website isn’t Secure:


Customers don’t always like using their credit cards online, so it can be even more difficult if you’re a new small business that still builds confidence in your audience. As an online retailer, you need to make customers feel comfortable about the security of your checkout process. The positive thing about incorporating PayPal Checkout is that PayPal is an internationally recognized payment brand.

A simple mention of secure payment on the payment section will reassure your buyers that there won’t be any foul play.

Final Thoughts:

In order to stop cart abandonment, you can install a checkout module to your eCommerce store which will be incorporated with all the important payment gateways, customizable fields, social login options, and much more. By adding One Page Checkout addon to your store you can get rid of all these conversion killers. Knowband offers One Page Checkout modules for PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento stores.

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Could you think of any other checkout killers that can scare consumers away? Please let me know in the comments below.

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