Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Addon to Notify Customers

Looking for a module to send abandoned cart emails to your customers? Keeping the conversion rate at desired level has become more complex with the grown-up rate of cart abandonment. Where everyone in the B2B eCommerce market is looking for ways to curb the abandoned carts on their sites, optimizing conversion rates seems to be a mega task. Experience drop-down in abandoned cart with Prestashop Abandoned Cart email Addon. This tool is thumb-stopping and will uplift your sales.

Introduction to Prestashop Abandoned Cart email Addon

By sending reminders through emails, push notifications, or a pop-up, you will be able to follow up on lost sales. It will be easier to track prospects who failed to complete the purchase and left their cart abandoned.

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart email addon allows you to send customized discounted and non-discounted follow-up emails. In order to entice customers, the store owners can even craft a promotional discount reminder email.

Show your customers how concerned you are by sending personalized abandoned cart emails, which will help you build strong trust and customer loyalty for your business. Customers will feel appreciated by the fact that you value them.  Trying to resolve things with them will make them feel privileged. With this feeling, they might make a move to return to the cart and purchase from your store.

Top-notch Features of Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Addon

  • Easy to send recovery emails to bring customers back:

Just a couple of seconds can bring change to your business. The addon has automated cron functionality that auto triggers email and helps you in recovering the sale.


  • Display a pop-up on the screen when they visit the store

With PrestaShop Abandoned Cart email Addon it is now easy to display a reminder pop-up to your visitors who have left something in their cart.

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Addon to Notify Customers

  • Send unlimited push notifications about the abandoned cart

Another way you can send reminders is by push notifications. Send unlimited push notifications to your customers and consider reminding them about the abandoned cart.

  • Enable customers to automatically recover their carts

One-click auto-recovery is another feature that makes the PrestaShop abandoned cart reminder email module unique.

Include shopping cart details in the reminder emailsHow effective will this become when you can send abandoned cart details in your email. A reminder email with cart details increases the chances of conversion.

How to send a reminder email with Prestashop Abandoned Cart email Addon?

From installation to configuration, the PrestaShop abandoned cart plugin is easy to operate. It has end-less features for the admin and gives complete freedom to configure from the back-end. You can restrict the carts to enter the abandoned cart flow for the guest users. The store owner has the option to disable the abandoned cart flow for the guest customers.

Three ways to notify:

  1. Send abandoned cart reminder emails
  2. Display pop-up reminder, and
  3. Send unlimited push notifications

1.      Create Custom email templates


Use PrestaShop abandoned cart email addon to create your own email template by using text, images, HTML, etc. You can add coupon codes for every email and send discounted emails. Option to customize email template by adding customized variables. This includes customer name, product information, discount, and offers.

2.      Personalize abandoned cart pop up


Why lose any chance when you have an option to send an abandoned cart Pop-up? Do it with PrestaShop abandoned cart reminder addon.


3.      Push notifications to recover abandoned carts

Send unlimited push notifications to shoppers who have left their carts after adding products to them.


4.      Track the abandoned carts

You can easily get access to information on abandoned orders and order number.


pop-up-reminder-Prestashop-abandoned-cart-email-addon- pop-up-reminder-Prestashop-abandoned-cart-email-addon-

5.      Decide when to send an alert

Send an alert manually or automatically! You will have full control over reminders, i.e he can decide after how much time delay he wants to send an alert to the customer.

A shopping cart will be assumed as an abandoned cart after a decided time. You can set a time to send emails automatically.

pop-up-reminder-Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Addon to Notify Customers

  • Easily manage and view all abandoned cart entries with PrestaShop abandoned cart email addon. You can monitor the performance based on the total number of carts that have been converted to sales and orders.

8. Which platform is working well for the campaign?

  • With the new feature, every customer’s UTM parameter data will be available and can be used to track the email campaign’s progress. Google analytics reports will help you plan your future campaigns.

Why Your Business needs Prestashop Abandoned Cart email Addon?

Prestashop Abandoned Cart module allows you to attract visitors back to your store to complete the checkout process. An abandoned cart alert email is sent to the customer’s account that gives him/her detailed information about pending orders. The functionality of this addon allows you to recover sales from orders that stepped away before checking out.

Benefits of PrestaShop Abandoned Cart email module

  • Increase conversions by effectively recovering lost sales
  • 3-in-1 addon that sends reminder email, push alerts, and pop-up
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase ROI for your business
  • Provides insight into visitor’s shop behavior

With the collected information about the customers, you can implement exceptional marketing strategies to gain profits in your business. Install this module to bring down cart abandonment rates on your store by implementing a strong shopping cart recovery strategy.

Customer Benefits of PrestaShop Abandoned Cart email Addon

  • Customers abandoned their cart when they are in hurry. This causes you a potential seller and they lose their wishlist products. Receiving an email with abandoned cart details reminds them about the left-out cart.
  • As a customer, they get happy when they receive a discounted email. Sometimes they get a bonus after cart abandonment.


With PrestaShop abandoned cart email addon, you cannot just optimize your conversion rate, but can also create a strategy to grab lost sales of your eCommerce website. Sending reminder emails to your customers is something that can play for you in the whole game of conversion acquisition, in order to get some serious advantages against your rival sites.

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