Prestashop Abandoned Cart

With this module installed on your web server, you will be able to experience drop down in cart abandonment rate. By sending reminder emails, you will be able to follow-up with those prospects who failed to complete the purchase and left their cart abandoned. Prestashop Abandoned Cart allows you to send customized follow up mails from the back end. In order to entice customers, store owner can even send offers or promotional discounts added in the reminder emails.

By sending these reminder emails you will be able to show customers how deeply concerned you are and this will let you build strong trust and customer loyalty for your business. Customers will feel appreciated with the fact that you value them and are trying to resolve things. With this feeling, they might take a move to purchase from your store.

Features of Prestashop Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

  • Send recovery emails to bring customers back
  • Enable customers to automatically recover their carts
  • Include shopping cart details in the reminder emails

Features for store admin

  • Create your own email template by using text, images, HTML etc
  • Admin can easily get access to information on abandoned orders and order number
  • Admin has full control of reminders sent, i.e admin can decide after how much time cart will be assumed as abandoned and can also set delay time to send mails
  • Option to customize email template by adding customized variables like customer name, product information, discount and offers in the email template.
  • Easily manage and view all abandoned cart entries, i.e admin can monitor the performance based on total number of carts that have been converted to sales and order.

Why Is There a Need to Install Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon on Your Store

Prestashop Abandoned Cart module allows you to attract visitors back to your store to complete the checkout process. An alert mail is sent to the customer’s account that gives him/her detailed information about pending orders. The functionality of this addon allows you to recover sales from orders that stepped away before checking out.


  • Increase conversions by recovering lost sales
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase ROI for your business

Install this module to bring down cart abandonment rates on your store by implementing a strong shopping cart recovery strategy.

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