Offer Order Cancellation and Return Management with PrestaShop RMA module


Today e-commerce companies have grown like mushrooms and they can be seen everywhere. People are now persuaded to shop anything online from groceries to clothes, furniture to electronics, bed-sheets to cosmetics, and much more. With this huge growth in e-commerce, order cancellation and product returns have still been a major headache for numerous customers around the world.

But, with the dedicated efforts of the development team and a strong urge of providing excellent services, the Prestashop Return Manager module has become the major talk of the town among various e-commerce companies of the world. Let’s have a look at the features that have provided it unprecedented popularity among customers as well as the merchants.

The enhanced functionality of the product return manager

This PrestaShop addon has considerably simplified the whole product return process to a great extent. Now, the customers can return a single product from a complete order and can also return a partial quantity of the purchased products. Due to its easy interactive interface, product return requests have become much faster in processing and execution.

It provides three return choices to the customers:

  1. Credit
  2. Refund
  3. Replacement

With PrestaShop Product Return Manager addon, along with order/product return, the customer can request to cancel the entire order.

New Features added in the latest version of PrestaShop Return Manager

  1. Quick Access to Module: Easily access the Return Manager Module configuration from the left menu of the admin panel. Along with this, the listings like return orders, processed orders, canceled orders, etc are optimized from the top of the Dashboard.
  2. Send Test email: Now sellers can send a test email before finalizing the template. Additionally, the new version allows sellers to add a text message with the product order status to add more details in the email template.
  3. Easily search and filter the order listings: The listing can be shortlisted, sorted, and filtered easily by adding filters like customer ID, Date of return, Return ID, etc.
  4. Custom Return Request policy time: Seller can set a date after which the process of return policy time will start. This feature will also improve the user experience as many times product delivery date exceeds the return policy days.

Supports multiple languages and multiple stores


To reach out to a large number of customers and business organizations around the world, this PrestaShop Return Manager module supports multiple languages. Now, you can target your customers more effectively by providing services and instructions in their regional language.

Multi-store compatibility will make your customers more inclined to your business and will cater to a large group of customers belonging to different linguistic regions and organizations.

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Notify about the return status change

It provides timely information to the admin and customers regarding the change in status of product return requests. The effective functionality of this plugin sends an immediate notification to the site admin whenever the customer raises a request for credit, refund, or order cancellation.

In addition, customers receive timely information in the form of notification whenever the site admin changes the status of the refund request from the back end. In this way, there is effective communication between the PrestaShop store owner and the customer.

Facilitates easy interaction

One of the important aspects of the PrestaShop Return Manager module is that it is easy to operate and customers can perform the product return request seamlessly without any issue. The module adds a return form that allows customers to select a reason for product return and upload an image of the damaged product.

It doesn’t conflict with any other third-party plugins and thus helps in the faster processing of the return requests.

Compatible with different devices

Due to the responsive design of this plugin, it is easy to access it on different computing devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It offers the same viewing experience and functionality irrespective of the screen size and design of the devices.


So, Gone are those days when returning a purchased product seems to be a challenging task for both the customers as well as the site owners. With the arrival of this module, the whole scenario has changed and the processing of product return requests has become much simplified.

If you are an eCommerce store manager facing difficulty in managing the product return requests, don’t wait for some miracle to change your business fortunes but instead purchase the Product Return Manager-Prestashop module from Knowband store to provide a fantastic customer experience and make them more loyal to your brand. This is your big chance! Get Crackin!.

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